Vikings Lose Out on Free Agents

Mike Tice has made a lot of headway in signing free agents, but has been rebuffed in recent days by a pair of prospective new players.

Before the Vikings signed Cedric Killings, VU was hearing from Winter Park that he would likely be the final signing this month.

But that isn't to say that he was the only player the Vikings were looking at. VU has been told that Tice made a strong push for two players -- TE O.J. Santiago and DE Marco Coleman -- but got turned down by both.

Santiago is mulling retirement, so his non-signing couldn't be seen as anything personal. The same, however, can't be said for Coleman. A sack specialist, Coleman would have been a huge addition to the Vikings defensive front, but he signed with Jacksonville Friday -- despite, from what we've been told, was considerably more money being offered by the Vikings.

While Tice has been successful in reloading his team in the offseason, he does fire and miss -- as evidenced in the last few days. Coleman could have been a nice addition and would have increased the in-fighting for playing time on the defensive front at training camp, but Tice will move on without him and, as has become his trademark, not look back and wonder what might have been.

* Killings is expected to fight it out for a backup spot at DT -- behind Chris Hovan or Fred Robbins.
* The Vikings will be down in Mankato and out in Buffalo for the week of Aug. 12-18, which will likely be a good thing. VU, which has overseen golf publications in the past, has been told that, if Tiger Woods wins the British Open, the world press will descend as perhaps never before on the Twin Cities for the PGA Championship, which will be held at the Hazeltine course in Chaska. Fortunately, the Vikings won't be adding to the traffic tie-ups by having a game at the Metrodome during the run of the tournament.
* VU would like to thank Fantasy Football Mastermind Mike Nazarek of for his heads up on the Killings signing. Nazarek, who runs a fantasy football/football news site on the Internet, ran a VU daily note on the Vikings turning up the heat to sign Killings. Reading the note at Nazarek's site, Killings' agent Brett Tessler contacted Nazarek to say that the deal had in fact been completed. Nazarek then contacted VU to pass the story along, which all of us at VU appreciate.

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