Burleson Drama Continues

The problems that surfaced between the Vikings and Seahawks in the wake of the Steve Hutchinson offer have seemingly boiled over in the Nate Burleson matter.

The animosity that surfaced when the Vikings made a poison pill-laden offer to guard Steve Hutchinson apparently has no sign of stopping.

Prior to the offer sheet signed by Nate Burleson, the Vikings had tried to negotiate a four-year deal with Burleson worth approximately $14 million. The offer sheet he signed with the Seahawks was nearly identical -- until the Vikings balked at the offer of a trade.

According to a source with the Seahawks, Seattle offered the Vikings a third-round pick in trade to avoid the week-long wait (which could extend through Friday of this week) in exchange for Burleson. If the Vikes decline to match the offer, they would receive a third-round pick as compensation. Instead, the Vikings reportedly asked for a second-round pick to immediately approve a trade. As a result, the Seahawks imposed the two poison pill inclusions -- one of which required the Vikings to match the entire $49 million contract if Burleson played five or more games in the State of Minnesota.

VU has been told that the majority of the contract offer -- the final three years and $35 million of the deal -- are voidable at either side's discretion. Most likely, the Seahawks would be the ones voiding the final years, since few would be willing to pay any wide receiver, much less Burleson, $11.33 million a year for three years.

The Vikings appear content to make the Seahawks wait until Thursday or Friday to announce whether they'll match the offer sheet, but, barring an appeal, it seems clear that Burleson has played his last game as a Viking.

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