Adam Caplan Vikings Draft Chat Transcript subscribers grilled Adam Caplan of, and Sirius NFL Radio for his thoughts on the Vikings' draft. Who does he like for the Vikings if they stay at No. 17 in the first round, or what about if they trade up? Who are mid-round values at positions of need for the team? See what Caplan had to say in our chat with subscribers.

adamcaplan: Hi everyone.

adamcaplan: Have at it.

adamcaplan: If you consider the only player that they didn't get was Craig Nall, they've done pretty well.

Vlibf99: What are the chances the Vikes surprise everyone and trade up to take D'Brickashaw Ferguson?

adamcaplan: If they trade up, it's probably for Jay Cutler.

SackmasterV: Other than QB and MLB, can you name three players that that should make an impact and be available at 17?

adamcaplan: Tye Hill, Chad Greenway, Ernie Sims.

IowaVike619: Do the Vikes go all defense in the first couple of rounds?

adamcaplan: Iowa, depends who is on the board. They need depth in various areas.

adamcaplan: Burleson is as good as gone, they'll replace him in the draft, maybe third round.

firenoize: If the Vikings stand pat, is Chad Jackson a possibility?

adamcaplan: I don't think so. They want to get Troy Williamson more involved. I say someone like Maurice Stovall.

IowaVike619: Will LB Abdul Hodge from Iowa be available at 49 and 51?

adamcaplan: Iowa, as for Hodge, early second, so he may be there. Early to mid.

WerewolfEars: What about the Vikes taking a chance on DE Manny Lawson?

adamcaplan: I can't see a DE. They have two first-round DEs already that have to play.

adamcaplan: DeQuincy Scott will be there for depth, a good edge rusher.

SackmasterV: Are there any TEs that have caught Brad Childress' eye?

adamcaplan: Sack, I wouldn't totally discount a TE on the first day. In fact, I would say 50-50 they take one before the first day is out.

IowaVike619: Who do you rate as the best QB to take in rounds 2-5?

adamcaplan: Iowa: Charlie Whitehurst or Brodie Croyle.

Vlibf99: Is it safe to say that RB won't be a value in the first at this point with Onterrio Smith possibly coming back?

adamcaplan: Smith likely won't be back. But they have three they like already.

adamcaplan: You guys will really like Chester Taylor, the kind of versatile back that will thrive in Childress' system.

Vlibf99: So RB is not a priority till maybe second day?

adamcaplan: Maybe late.

SackmasterV: How similar to Priest Holmes is Chester Taylor?

adamcaplan: Holmes if more powerful, better zone runner, though the Vikings think Taylor will be able to handle whatever scheme they have.

firenoize: Is there a chance Bobby Carpenter will be around at 49?

adamcaplan: Fire, early second on BC.

Vlibf99: Is it possible that Jim Kleinsasser might be trade bait with the addition of Joe Goodspeed and Tony Richardson?

Vlibf99: Trade bait to move up in the draft.

adamcaplan: It's hard to trade, and you're not going to get much for Kleinsasser. He's really a stationary tight end. And a very good blocking one, but those TEs won't yield much in a deal. Move TEs that are more versatile are worth more.

JODakota: What QB do you see the Vikings ending up with?

adamcaplan: Jay Cutler or maybe Whitehurst.

vikingspub: We had the discussion with Tony Pauline about Ernie Sims vs. DeMeco Ryans. What do you think about their differences?

adamcaplan: I see Sims as being a better fit for the Viking scheme. WLB is very important.

HissingBoomslang: We hear so much about the Vikes contemplating moving up for a QB. Could that be a possible bluff and they move up for Vernon Davis or Michael Huff?

adamcaplan: I wouldn't discount that from happening, but QB makes the most sense. Offensive-minded head coach.

SackmasterV: Who do you see as our MLB?

adamcaplan: As of now, it's my understanding it's an open competition.

adamcaplan: WLB now is Henderson.

Vlibf99: How long does the transition from a standard 4-3 to the Tampa 2 take and show good results? It's a little off topic.

adamcaplan: Probably depends on the positions. Pass rush is huge for it. It's imperative that the four DEs on the roster create pressure. And the WLB is a big part of the overall scheme. Look at Cato June and Derrick Brooks.

adamcaplan: Not sure if Henderson is the answer.

JODakota: Chad Greenway grew up close to me. He was an animal in high school, and he has been dominant in college. Would his style fit in the Vikings system?

adamcaplan: I think he would fit in well.

Vlibf99: So the Vikes are highly confident with Kenechi Udeze and Erasmus James on the ends?

adamcaplan: Scott was signed to be insurance in part, so they still believe the two young DEs will be ready to go and play a lot.

Vlibf99: Cool

HissingBoomslang: Since we have Eric Bieniemy, many think that we have some inside connections with UCLA players. Do you know of any UCLA players the Vikes have their eyes on?

adamcaplan: Too early to say.

adamcaplan: Strong safety is also important, so Tank Williams needs to get back to where he was before the knee injury.

JODakota: Tank looks like a good signing. If he gets healthy I think he will be one of our better free agents.

adamcaplan: FYI, I'll be hosting on Sirius from 2-6 p.m. EST on Saturday. Draft and free agency talk.

TheCrimsonKing: Any chance the Vikings look at Garrett Mills as a West Coast Offense fullback late?

adamcaplan: Mills is an interesting player. Too small to play TE, move FB, fifth-round pick. Doesn't block well though.

HissingBoomslang: Since Tank is only signed for one year—and as of now we don't know how he'll come back—do you feel that the Vikes will also be drafting a safety fairly early on Day 1 of the draft?

adamcaplan: Second day possibly. They are taking a wait and see approach with Tank Williams. If he looks good halfway through the season, look for them to extend his deal.

SackmasterV: Which OG fits a Brad Childress system best?

adamcaplan: Charles Spencer. Big and athletic, good feet.

SackmasterV: Why is he generally slated in the second round?

adamcaplan: Early second pick, and he's a converted defensive lineman. He has only played OL a few seasons, huge upside.

TheCrimsonKing: Is the new Vikings staff content with our stable of TEs or will they look to draft one?

adamcaplan: I would imagine they will draft a TE, possibly on the first day, more athletic than Wiggins.

Vlibf99: Will the Vikes draft a punter or just bring one in to compete with Chris Kluwe?

WerewolfEars: What about DeMeco Ryans, LB from Alabama, for us?

adamcaplan: Ryans is good, but I think Sims is a better fit.

WerewolfEars: Thanks

bismarckViking1969: With the Vikings picking up Tony Richardson from the Chiefs, do you think this will slow Larry Johnson's extraordinary talent he showed last season?

adamcaplan: It will hurt a little, but Jason Dunn may be on the field more and there are a few decent blocking FBs left in free agency.

vikingfan50138: In your opinion, are we better off keeping our draft picks or packaging them and drafting one of the top three QBs?

adamcaplan: The only QB I could see them trading for is Cutler, and I think it's possible. I'll have a better idea by the time we do the next chat in a few weeks.

JODakota: You don't think a trade up for Matt Leinart is possible?

adamcaplan: Doubt it.

TheCrimsonKing: Any Gophers on the Vikings' radar?

adamcaplan: Not that I know of.

JODakota: Not even Laurence Maroney?

adamcaplan: Doubt it. They don't need another RB that early.

adamcaplan: If they keep the pick, probably WLB (Chad Greenway, Ernie Sims). Don't discount them taking a CB (Tye Hill).

Viking Tom: I keep thinking this is a poor year to move up for a QB. Is a guy like Cutler really worth the cost in draft picks to move up?

adamcaplan: Cutler is a good WCO QB. That's the fit.

HissingBoomslang: This is a weak year for WR -- however, with the Burleson situation, do you feel that will make WR a priority or will they wait until next year when there could be a GREAT WR draft?

adamcaplan: Maurice Stovall would be a nice replacement for Burleson.

HissingBoomslang: Interesting.

adamcaplan: There are a bunch of possession WRs in the third round they could get to replace Burleson.

bismarckViking1969: I am not much of a draftniks. Do you think it is better to try and get one of the top 3 QBs or take somebody in the late first or second round and try and developed him into a QB that fits your system?

adamcaplan: I would try to get Cutler and develop him or stay put.

SackmasterV: How long will Cutler be on the sidelines before he is ready to play

adamcaplan: Year two or three. Childress did a great job with McNabb. I live in Philly so I cover the team and have seen his work first hand.

JODakota: What sleeper QB could be good WCO QB in the second round?

adamcaplan: Whitehurst in the third.

Viking Tom: It seems obvious that at some point in the draft the Vikings will address QB. If they don't move up, who are the best candidates after the first round?

JODakota: Is it possible Cutler is there at 17?

adamcaplan: Croyle, but I don't see him as a starter, not strong enough. I see Whitehurst as the only other alternative.

SackmasterV: Didn't Cutler get a reputation for being aloof at the combine by some of the teams he interviewed with? Or was that just more rumors put out by teams wanting to devalue a player they covet?

adamcaplan: He can be a little cocky or over confident. That's about it.

SackmasterV: Good qualities in a QB, in my opinion.

adamcaplan: I sensed that a little talking to him when I was at the Senior Bowl.

adamcaplan: Childress will like that.

WerewolfEars: Ain't nothin' wrong with that :) That's good to hear.

Vlibf99: That must be where the Brett Favre comparison comes from.

adamcaplan: He has a similar personality.

TheCrimsonKing: Would Joe Klopfenstein be a good fit for the Vikes at TE?

adamcaplan: Yes, great hands and moves better than most think. WCO TE must be able to get down the middle.

bismarckViking1969: When will you do another NFL channel show were you show off your fantasy football skills? Your show on the predecessor to the NFL channel was great. You saved my team that last year and I am too cheap to get a subscription to your site.

adamcaplan: That show with Jaws (Ron Jaworski) was great. Our show on Sirius starts again in late July. I'll forward a radio schedule early next week to be posted.

Vlibf99: Thanks.

TheCrimsonKing: What round will Mark Setterstrom likely come off the board?

adamcaplan: Anyway, I think the Vikings have done well so far. Passing game is the concern on offense. Defense, pass rush has to be much better. MLB and WLB are issues where we stand now.

Viking Tom: Could Darnell Bing be a good fit for the Vikings in the second round?

adamcaplan: Probably not.

TheCrimsonKing: Who is the best of the "second-day" CB prospects?

adamcaplan: Richard Marshall. William Blackmon.

Vlibf99: How do you feel about the mindset of drafting the best player available vs. drafting needed positions?

adamcaplan: I like doing BPA first. That way you don't pass up a potential superstar.

bhylden: Would the Vikes ever trade up to get A.J. Hawk to give their defense a true-blue stud to lead them, or is it just a QB they'd trade up for?

adamcaplan: I see them only trading up for Cutler. With Childress as the head coach, he'll want his QB of the future on board ASAP.

bhylden: I hope we move up then, cause we definitely need a QB. Who do you like for the Vikes at No. 17 if they stay put?

adamcaplan: Greenway.

bhylden: Me too. Does Greg Eslinger make sense in round two for the Vikes?

adamcaplan: Not a bad choice in the third. They need a young center to develop as Matt Birk may only play a few more seasons.

TheCrimsonKing: Why so little interest in Drew Olsen after his big season?

adamcaplan: He likely wont be drafted.

vikingspub: Thanks so much for your time and knowledge, Adam. I'll post the transcript tomorrow morning for everyone. Thanks, everyone. Good stuff.

adamcaplan: We'll do this again in a few weeks, see you then.

vikingspub: Take care everyone. We'll probably start with Tony Pauline again next week.

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