Sunday Morning Massacre

News of Los Angeles getting back into the game and what that means to Minnesota and player tidbits dominate the Sunday Morning Massacre.

The City of Los Angeles getting back into the NFL is like a horror movie that just will not go away. Everytime you begin to think that football and Los Angeles do not mix, up pops another edition of the circus show that is playing out behind closed doors to gain a team for the city.

It is relatively simple to see what is at stake here, the NFL wants a team in the large market of Los Angeles and they will sit back at watch as teams such as the Minnesota Vikings attempt to work through stadium issues.

On numerous occasions the NFL has stated that they have no intention of league expansion following the entrance into the league of the Houston Texans. What the league has done is attempted to make right some public relations moves that were nightmares to the league.

Relocating the Los Angeles Rams to St. Louis, the Oakland Raiders to Los Angeles and back to Oakland. Then to make matters worse, the NFL let the well supported Cleveland Browns franchise move Baltimore, which lost a team to Indianapolis. Cleveland was eventually granted an expansion team. The Houston Oilers relocated to Tennessee and an expansion team was granted to Houston.

Each one of these moves was rich in funds for the owner of that frnachise and the league. Stadiums were built or reconstructed, new fan bases were cornered, all which means more money for the NFL.

To say the NFL does not want teams to move is questionable. Today's NFL is about money, from the owners to the players union to television contracts, the bottom line is the dollar.

It has been the custom for teams to hold a community hostage, to rip the fiber of their existence from the fans who pay good money to watch a National Football League product in any given city.

Now we have an issue with the Minnesota franchise, rich in history but suffering with a stadium issue that the city and state have yet to actually do anything about.

Why is this important? Vikings owner wants a new stadium, the NFL wants football in Los Angeles, and television wants agin to capture the west coast market.

As a league source tells The Insiders this past week, "The longer the situation plays out in Minnesota, the more of an option they become. Nobody has said that the Minnesota franchise has been targeted."

"While not saying that, everybody that is involved in the Los Angeles and league matters, know and have been monitoring the Minnesota situation."

Now about the Vikings on the field: Strong indications have been that the rookie duo of Willie Offord and Kyries Herbert have looked very good in the Vikings mini-camps and wound push penciled in starters Ronnie Bradford and Tyrone Carter for playing time, team sources tell The Insiders.

"Both kids (Offord and Herbert) have done very well, they bring an excitement to the field, that isn't to say that either Bradford of Carter haven't done their job," the source said. "We're pleased where the rookies are, but you have to remember that they are rookies have a lot to learn."

What they have done is we believe have provided youth and depth at the safety positions, bring a flair and energy to the game that we feel has been lost here over the past couple years."

Some McKinnie: Those close to first-round draft selection Bryant McKinnie tell The Insiders that contract talks should heat up after the Independance Day hoilday weekend.

"Talks have been scheduled for the week following the holiday and Bryant wants to get the contract done," the source said. "We do not anticipate any problems with the contract negotations, but again you never know until you get into the process."

"Thus far Bryant has done everything asked of him and the Vikings have been good to him. We're pretty confident that Bryant will be in camp on time."

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