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See what TFY Draft Preview's Tony Pauline had to say about the questions subscribers were asking – who he predicts the Vikings will take, where the value lies with specific players and which ones fit the Vikings' system.

vikingfan50138:: Welcome, Tony.

TFYDraft:: Thanks for having me again.

vikingspub:: OK, let's focus on draft questions for Tony now.

WerewolfEars:: OK, Tony. What percentage of chance is there that Vince Young will be on the board at #17?

TFYDraft:: Were, .5%. Oakland or Arizona at the latest. The Vikes will consider trading up if one passer starts to fall.

kajjansiblackmamba:: Tony, if you were part of the Vikes front office, which course of action would you take? Trade someone our Day One picks to move up in the first (and for which player) or stay pat and have five Day One picks?

TFYDraft: kajjan, good question. This is a very deep draft. There is terrific talent through the fourth round. I don't know that one player sends Minnesota over the top, hence I keep the picks and collect good prospects.

jrhaak: How well does Chad Greenway fit a Tampa/Cover 2 scheme?

TFYDraft: jrhaak, I don't like Greenway in that system. Not really a one-gap LB, nor as explosive/fast and the Bucs want their defenders.

vikingspub: Chances of Cutler falling to 17?

TFYDraft: Vikes, unlikely. The Raiders will likely take a QB as will the Cardinals.

coyote62: Tony, do you think that next year Brady Quinn will be a better QB than all three of these 2006 QBs? I would just as soon the Vikes trade back a couple of times and stockpile picks for 2007 and try to land Quinn.

TFYDraft: Coyote, I think he could well be. He is a combination of Leinart's polish and Cutler's arm. Had he entered this draft, he would've been the second passer selected at worst.

ECV: Tony, is it possible the Vikings go CB with their first pick? With Brian Williams moving on we need a third CB. What do you think about Jonathan Joseph from SC?

TFYDraft: ECV, that is a luxury, and considering they could get a good CB in round two (Charles Gordon, Cedric Griffin), they are better off waiting.

kajjansiblackmamba: Tony, so far who seems to be the biggest dropper on most draft boards, and who's the biggest riser?

TFYDraft: kajjan, fast risers: Richard Marshall/CB/Fresno, Ernie Sims/LB/FSU, Winston Justice. Fallers: LenDale White for obvious reasons, Ko Simpson.

vikingfan50138: Tony, who do you think if the Vikes stay with the draft picks will be the best QB in the second round?

TFYDraft: Fan50138, to be honest I don't like any QB in round two. The #4 QB is Brodie Croyle of Alabama, and he is a third-round selection.

gooch93: Tony, how far would the Vikes have to trade up to have a shot at A.J. Hawk?

TFYDraft: gooch, #5.

gooch93: Doesn't Green Bay pick #5?

JBrowner47: Tony, will Anthony Schlegel be any good at MLB, and if so what round will he fall to?

TFYDraft: Jbrowner, Schlegel is a two-down defender with limited speed/cover skills. I think his inability to cover a lot of ground makes him a back-up in a 3-4.He is a late rounder.

UltraPurple: Tony, how do you feel about the TE situation here, going to the WCO?

TFYDraft: Ultrapurple, I think they will look for an upgrade in rounds 3/4 (Owen Daniels/Wisconsin?).

kajjansiblackmamba: Tony, is there good value at safety in the 2nd round?

TFYDraft: kajjan, there is good potential (Bing, Simpson, Bullocks) which could turn into good value.

jrhaak: Tony, if you needed to decide this for the Cardinals: The Vikes offer 1st and two 2nd rounders for your 1st and 2nd. With Cutler on the board, do you pull the trigger?

TFYDraft: jrhaak, no. That's not enough to move up for a passer; the Vikes may have to throw in a 4th.

JBrowner47: Tony, who are the top 3 "right Guards" in the draft and in what order is their value and round?

TFYDraft: Jean-Gilles, Spencer, Lutui

vikingspub: They are visiting with Whitehurst. Can you compare and contrast him to Croyle?

TFYDraft: Vikepub, Whitehurst is a much better athlete. Significantly stronger arm and can make all the passes, but he makes a lot of bad decisions, which is where Croyle has him. Much more poised, decisive and a much better leader.

vikingspub: Can Croyle develop into a starter or is he mainly backup material at the NFL level?

TFYDraft: Vikepub, he has a slight chance to start in a WCO/timing type of system, though it is a long shot and don't expect any consistent vertical game.

JBrowner47: It's my understanding that the WCO requires larger receivers than the Vikes have. Do you see them going for one in the 2d or 3rd, like Martin Nance?

TFYDraft: Jbrowner, the receiver crop is poor but filled with big guys. A solid pick in round two would be Travis Wilson of Oklahoma. Nance is more a second-day guy.

coyote62: With 5 first-day picks and no trades for the Vikes, can you give us a little mock draft for Minnesota?

TFYDraft: coyote, Ernie Sims, Duece Lutui, Travis Wilson, Owen Daniels, Dee Webb.

UltraPurple: Tony, would you consider Whitehurst be a 2nd round pick if Vikes wanted to go that way to get him?

TFYDraft: Ultra. that's very early for Whitehurst. Physically, he grades high but mentally he is a late-round pick.

JBrowner47: Tony, Where do you see Manny Lawson being drafted?

TFYDraft: Jbrowner, mid-to-late first

jrhaak: Does Ernie Sims really fit in with the Vikes current 'high character guy' philosophy?

TFYDraft: jrhaak, good pick-up. I think Sims did some immature things as a young kid. He seems to have matured and no one is complaining after his interviews.

jrhaak: Good sign! Thanks.

JBrowner47: This might be non-Vikes related, but with NO trading Wayne Gandy to Atlanta, can you see a team like Minnesota moving up, using Bryant McKinnie as part of a deal to get someone like Matt Leinart or is that too extreme?

TFYDraft: Jbrowner, that's a bit extreme. Why trade away a tackle to get an immobile QB?

gooch93: Do you see Minnesota taking a DE due to the fact that Kenechi Udeze is trying to come back from injury and Erasmus James is virtually unproven?

vikingspub: gooch, FYI, Udeze practiced and looked pretty good.

TFYDraft: gooch, only if it is great value. They won't go out of their way for one.

JBrowner47: Tony, what do you feel the Vikes need to draft and in what order?

TFYDraft: Jbrowner, they should go with best player available at OLB, MLB, QB and TE in no particular order.

vikingfan50138: Tony, who is a good value RB in the 4th round to add depth?

TFYDraft: fan50138, Quinton Ganther of Utah is a good fit. Maybe Mike Bell of Arizona.

UltraPurple: Tony, any clubs worried about Sims having concussion problems?

TFYDraft: Ultra, have not heard that is an issue.

vikingfan50138: Tony, what is your gut instinct do the Vikes trade up or keep their picks.

TFYDraft: 50138, I think they will actively try and trade, but wanting to do it and doing so is difficult. I don't think they trade up into the top ten for anything other than a QB, and that will be tough.

kajjansiblackmamba: Tony, any late-round sleepers that the Vikes are looking at (like C.J. Mosley from last year)?

TFYDraft: kajjan- We've been updating the visits list and I know Tim is on the ball posting it, so that's the best place for the info.

kajjansiblackmamba: You all are doing a terrific job. Loved how you nailed Mosley last year when I asked!

vikingspub: All we can do is report an interest, but that doesn't always mean he'll fall to the value the Vikes want.

TFYStaff: VU was the first to report who is visiting next week.

jrhaak: About 50138's question - is Cutler a talent worth the cost to get up to #10?

JBrowner47: Are the Bills locked in on Ngati or would they be willing to trade down?

TFYDraft: Jbrowner, Ngata scheduled a visit to fly to the Bills facility. It will be either Ngata, Bunkley of Winston Justice for Buffalo.

UltraPurple: Tony, DeAngelo and the WCO seem like a match made in heaven. No way Vikes take him if available?

TFYDraft: Ultra, unlikely; they are flooded at the position and it is a luxury.

coyote62: Do you think that Jim Kleinsasser could be possible trade bait being he doesn't really fit in the WCO?

TFYDraft: coyote, I don't know he'll bring a lot back.

UltraPurple: Tony, what do you think of LenDale White's Pro Day. Weird.

TFYDraft: Ultra, he really hurt himself. The not working out part was bad, but the attitude was worse. Three people who were there said the same thing to me: "Why did he even show up?"

DeepFreeze05: Tony, do you think Kleinsasser is a good fit for the Vikings?

TFYDraft: DeepFreeze, I think he is limited but solid and there is no reason to cut ties just yet with him.

Tyr: What teams between picks 11 and 16 might have an interest in selecting a QB?

TFYDraft: Tyr, I think all of them but Philly would consider one for either long term or short term.

kajjansiblackmamba: Any chance the Vikes select a OC in the mid to late rounds tony?

TFYDraft: kajjan, it is not a deep center draft and the few good ones will come off early. Maybe Donovan Raiola late - that could turn into good value. Plays significantly better than he works out.

kajjansiblackmamba: Thanks, Tony!

UltraPurple: Thanks for your time, Tony! Let's do it again.

TFYDraft: Okay, fellas, thanks again.

vikingspub: Thanks, Tony. Appreciate the insight. Sometime next week.

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