Falcons May Trade Schaub After All

The Vikings and Falcons aren't currently talking about Matt Schaub, but word out of Atlanta is that the Falcons may be more interested in shopping Schaub than first indicated.

When draft day arrives for the Falcons, there is going to be a long wait until they're on the clock. Having traded their first-round pick to the Jets for John Abraham, the Falcons won't pick until six or seven hours into the draft ... or will they?

Word out of Atlanta is that the Falcons' front office is spending an inordinate amount of time with Georgia QB D.J. Shockley. The question being posed by Falcons beat writers -- and rightfully so -- is why would a team with no first-round pick and a seeming unwillingness to trade Schaub spend so much time talking to a mid-round QB in the draft.

The reports say that the meeting with Shockley is the fourth such visit, which shows more than just marginal interest. Perhaps the team is more willing to part with Schaub -- whether to the Vikings or to someone else -- than they're letting on. Such is the poker game that is the NFL draft.

* Linebacker DeMeco Ryans is visiting Winter Park today.
* The Packers haven't invited any potential draft picks to come visit the team facility -- making them the only team in the top seven draft slots that isn't bringing in the top prospects for visits.
* Speaking of the Packers, an unofficial deadline of this weekend seems to be in place for Brett Favre to make his decision on whether he's returning for 2006 or not.
* The Vikings coaches will have a week off before the team gets into final preparation mode for the draft.

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