Draw the Linehan

As hard as it may be for Denny Green to make a deal with the Vikings at No. 10 in the draft, if the Vikes think they're going to get the Rams to deal at No. 11, you'd better guess again.

Not every war room is completely silent.

In the lying and subterfuge that is the pre-text to the NFL draft, VU has been told a "make book" draft-day reality. If Jay Cutler -- likely the third QB to be taken on draft day -- is available to the Rams at No. 11, he's gone. No trades. No sweetened offers. The only thing in between the Rams and Cutler is a tight end.

The Rams aren't giving Scott Linehan final say in their war room, but they are giving him the ability to make his case. That comes down to two players if either is available -- Cutler or Maryland tight end Vernon Davis.

With all the discussion of the Vikings making a move to climb up in the first round to get the player they covet (if in fact they do), one thing has become certain -- if the Vikings haven't swung a deal in the top 10 picks to get Cutler, they won't find a taker at No. 11.

If the Vikings are looking to deal up to get a QB of the future, they can rest easy in the knowledge that, if they're sincere, they had better put their money on being in the top 10. At No. 11, they'll be re-evaluating.

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