Offord Arrested for DUI

Vikings safety Willie Offord spent most of the early hours of Tuesday morning in jail after being arrested for DUI.

The Vikings history of drinking-related offenses allegedly added another chapter to the saga Tuesday morning when safety Willie Offord was arrested for DUI.

Offord, who was traveling westbound on Hwy. 394 in Golden Valley was pulled over by a state highway patrol officer at 2:20 a.m. Tuesday. After failing field sobriety tests, he was administered a blood-alcohol test, which he also failed.

He was charged with a fourth-degree misdemeanor, which means his blood-alcohol count was less than .20.

Offord was booked at 3:30 a.m. and released at 6 a.m. He has a first scheduled court date set for April 26.

Offord, who is rehabbing a knee injury, is scheduled to battle newcomer Tank Williams for a starting job. Last month, Offord signed a two-year contract extension.

* You too, Zygi? It would seem that Vikes owner Zygi Wilf has added his name to the growing list of football people potentially throwing out misinformation to the media. Wilf said this week that the Vikings at this time don't have any plans to move up in the draft, citing that they have five picks in the first round. Having additional picks is exactly why most teams that make draft day trades up do so. But, with all the double-talk that's going on around the league, why shouldn't the Vikings be just as involved? Oh yeah, if they have no plan to trade up, are they convinced that Vince Young will drop all the way to No. 17? If they do, they had better hire some new people to evaluate draft stock.
* Wilf has said that the Triangle of Authority will have all its points in a row on draft weekend, but, if a consensus can't be reached, Fran Foley will have the last word on who the Vikings take on draft day.
* The Jets worked out Jay Cutler Tuesday and left him with the impression that they intend to take a QB in the draft. In an era of leaked information heading into the draft, you can't be sure if Eric Mangini meant the comment sincerely or if he's just throwing out red herrings like everyone else.
* Six jurors were selected Tuesday for Moe Williams' trial on charges of receiving a lap dance at the Oct. 6 Vikings boat party. The trial is expected to begin today.
* Vince Young, who visited the Vikings Monday, is in Oakland today and will meet with the Jets on Thursday and the Browns on Friday.
* The Vikings will unveil their new uniform designs on April 27 at the Mall of America. While there have been photos circulating that have a drastic redesign that has the Vikings Norseman logo on the helmet and the traditional horns removed from the helmet and replaced on the sleeve, team officials have denied that those changes are authentic. The horn is expected to remain the signature of the helmet. However, as hard as we tried, we couldn't get confirmation that the plan to use purple pants was also a hoax. Mr. Blackwell salivates; fashion-conscious Vikings fans weep.

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