Williams Case Heads to the Jury

Moe Williams' fate will be in the hands of a jury later today.

The trial of Vikings running back Moe Williams finished its testimony Wednesday, as Williams' defense attempted to break the stories of prosectution witnesses as to what exactly happened on the infamous boat scandal Oct. 6 of last year.

The case is expected to go to the six-member jury today after closing arguments by both sides.

Defense attorneys have used a multi-prong defense, including that Williams didn't get a lap dance from a stripper, that the lewd conduct was more with the employees themselves than with Williams and that race was a factor in who was charged and who wasn't.

If the jury finds a reasonable doubt, they will acquit Williams of the charges. If he's found guilty, it's not likely he will face any jail time because the charges are misdemeanors.

* Think the draft value chart that the NFL fails to acknowledge is a bunch of bunk? Figure this: when the Broncos and 49ers made a trade yesterday, Denver gave up the 22nd pick in the draft. According to the draft value chart, that pick is worth 780 points. In return the Broncos got the 49ers' second- and third-round choices. Their combined value? 780 points. If the NFL doesn't use the value chart, that is an amazing coincidence.
* Since when did fifth-string Lions quarterback Joey Harrington become so high hat? The bust QB has been demoted by the Lions and is striking back. Wednesday he said the only team in the NFL he's willing to play for is the Dolphins. Miami has apparently offered a seventh-round pick for Harrington. Good luck on that career move, Joey.

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