Draft Chat Transcript

Adam Caplan of Scout.com, FootballInjuries.com and Sirius NFL Radio spent time answering questions from VikingUpdate.com subscribers on the Vikings' potential draftees, from linebackers to quarterback to wide receivers. See what Caplan had to say on many of the draft issues surrounding the team.

adamcaplan: Vikings-wise, I still think Ernie Sims is under strong consideration at No. 17.

RS Express: Adam, if Sims and Chad Greenway are both gone, do you prefer Tye Hill or Antonio Cromartie?

adamcaplan: RS, Hill is the safer clearly of the two, Cromartie more size and upside.

RS Express: What a smoothly political non-committal response :)

adamcaplan: RS, that's the way you should look at it. That's the way teams have to decide what's best. To me, Hill is ready to play now.

medlynn: Here is a theory I have been throwing around with a mock draft: 1. Reggie Bush; 2. D'Brickashaw Ferguson; 3. Vince Young; 4. Mario Williams; 5. A.J. Hawk; 6. Vikings trade up to San Francisco (a first-, second- and third-rounder) for Matt Leinart. adamcaplan: I see SF taking two impact players, Davis at No. 6, and with No. 22 a DB or LB.

RS Express: Why would the Vikes trade up to No. 6 for Leinart when Cutler will like fall to at least 8, needing only 17 and 48 to move up?

adamcaplan: I think something could get done on draft day if Cutler slides.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, what's your opinion on the San Fran/Denver trade today?

adamcaplan: Kajj, Denver decided that trading up for Vernon Davis was too much and they now have tremendous flexibility..

vikingspub: Interesting thing on that trade is that it was exactly equal on the draft value chart -- exactly.

adamcaplan: Pub, yes, that's how teams do trades these days. No one does it without the chart.

medlynn: I feel the "chart" needs some work. Obviously a second-rounder today is worth more than a second 15 years ago.

Tyr: How likely is it that the Vikings will move up for either Jay Cutler or Sims?

adamcaplan: Tyr, Sims is more likely to be there. Cutler outside shot. If he makes it past the Cardinals, he'll be there.

adamcaplan: Someone will slide. It always happens. The Raiders could do something very stupid.

adamcaplan: That's how the first round changes when something unexpected happens.

RS Express: The Browns taking Braylon Edwards last year blew everything up.

Tyr: I've actually heard on the radio stations in AZ, that the Cardinals either want Young or they'll draft defense. Does that seem to synch up with what you know of their situation?

adamcaplan: Tyr, they won't draft a OL, it's Young or DT.

adamcaplan: I nailed Antrell Rolle months before the draft last year and I think I have a pretty good idea where they're going.

adamcaplan: I'm interested to see how Steve Loney does with the Cardinals OL.

adamcaplan: I spoke to him at the Senior Bowl.

Tyr: So do you think that the Raiders are going to take Young then?

adamcaplan: Probably so. They have Aaron Brooks for two years, then in year three Young will be ready. Similar to Steve McNair-Chris Chandler.

RS Express: Pity the Raiders for the next two years then.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, right now who's moving up your draft charts and who's moving down?

adamcaplan: Kellen Clemens, moving way up.

adamcaplan: Sims moving up.

adamcaplan: Stovall also moving up at WR.

HissingBoomslang: I like what I'm seeing about the Vikes possibly picking Cromartie

medlynn: I like Cromartie if he is healthy.

adamcaplan: Hiss, major upside but I don't see him being a factor in year one after not playing this year. He's more of a down-the-road player.

RS Express: Cromartie would be third on my preferences at 17, but it would be a great change to see them draft a DB instead of waiting for FA every time.

adamcaplan: RS, deep CBs this year, but I think it's such an important position you can't have enough good ones.

HissingBoomslang: Exactly

medlynn: I wouldn't take Cromartie in round one.

Tyr: Do you have any idea what positions or players that the Vikings may target in the second round?

adamcaplan: OLB and CB if neither is filled in the first.

kajjansiblackmamba: The Clemens news is interesting indeed.

vikingspub: I've been puzzled by analysis that has Croyle rated higher than Whitehurst, yet says that Croyle might not be starting material. Why would he then be rated higher than others with strong starting potential?

adamcaplan: PUB: Agreed, I don't think it's even close on talent. Croyle better leadership but Whitehurst is the better player.

Tyr: Imagine that part of it is that Charlie Whitehurst has a reputation of being anti-clutch.

HissingBoomslang: Adam, what's the latest you've heard about Hank Baskett, paticularly in the mid rounds, when there will probably be a bit of a run on WR.

adamcaplan: Third round, great kid, but dropped too many passes in the Senior Bowl practices.

adamcaplan: I had a chance to talk to him a few weeks ago, I think in the right system he could really do well in a few seasons.

HissingBoomslang: Thanks, Adam. I think he's a nice sleeper, and a bit underrated.

Blaze326326: How likely is it that the Vikings trade away their first-ound pick for QB Matt Schaub from Atlanta?

adamcaplan: 25%.

RS Express: If we trade No. 17 for Schaub, there's gonna be a riot at Radio City

PeaceLoveSkol: Leinart would be my choice too. Any chance that having Young and Cutler in but not Leinart is a smokescreen?

adamcaplan: I see the Vikings only liking Cutler, better system fit.

PeaceLoveSkol: Thanks Adam. Why do you think they even hosted Vince Young?

RS Express: Smokescreen.

medlynn: To get his autograph.

adamcaplan: Hosting a player really has little to do with them drafting him. What may happen is they think he may slide.

RS Express: How Is Omar Jacobs' stock running? Will he be there in the third at No. 83?

adamcaplan: 4-5th round.

Tyr: Is Jon Alston a viable option at 51 or is he still more of a third-round prospect?

adamcaplan: Probably too early.

medlynn: Where will Ed Nelson go?

adamcaplan: Ask me next week after I get back from his workout.

Blaze326326: Is LB Ernie Sims your own prediction then instead of going for a QB?

VikingsY2K: Adam: Is there any chance Winston Justice could fall to 17 and do you think the Vikings would be interested if Sims is off the board?

adamcaplan: Next to none.

Tyr: How big of an issue is Ernie Sims' reported concussion problem?

adamcaplan: TYR: A minor issue; I'm more concerned about his off-the-field issue from a few years ago.

Blaze326326: Adam, What do you think of moving OT Marcus Johnson to OG and draft a OT like Winston Justice for the right side?

adamcaplan: Justice won't be there. Johnson's a big talent, CIN had a first-round grade on him so give him a chance to develop.

medlynn: Anyone else like deangelo williams?

RS Express: I like DeAngelo, but the Vikes don't need a RB in round one.

adamcaplan: Love him, if they didn't have Chester Taylor he'd be a nice fit at No. 17.

PeaceLoveSkol: I'm a family friend of Chad Greenway. What is your opinion of Chad? Some mocks still have him being drafted in the early first round, and some have him falling completely out of round one.

adamcaplan: Top-15 easily. More ready to start than most, but may not fit in every system.

PeaceLoveSkol: Thanks, I hope the best for him. His parents are hog farmers from South Dakota.

medlynn: OK, hypothetical, if the Vikings were to get Leinart, how big of an issue is it that he is a lefty and we just spent a butt load on the left side right side now being his back side?

adamcaplan: Not a big deal, only worry is Johnson protecting the blind side. You would want more experience there.

Tyr: Do you think that Greenway could play WSL (Will) in a Cover 2 or is he more of MLB (Mike) or SLB (Sam)?

adamcaplan: Greenway would be a good fit, but Sims is even better for this defense.

HissingBoomslang: OK, we've seen that the Vikes have at least brought Cromartie and Jason Allen in for visits. And others whom they could trade up for possibly. I've yet to see anything about interest in Michael Huff. Could there be any interest there, in your opinion but they're just keeping quiet?

adamcaplan: I don't see them trading up for anyone but a QB-Cutler.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, what safeties have good value in the 2nd and 3rd rounds?

adamcaplan: Ko Simpson, Bullocks, Darnell Bing.

Blaze326326: Adam, who is our best RG – Chris Liwienski, Adam Goldberg or Anthony Herrera? I sort of think Goldberg of those three, but what are your thoughts? Any thoughts of a OG in this year's draft?

adamcaplan: BLAZE: They think Herrera but none are solid, Liewenski really is on his last chance there, boy has he gone way down. Was once a pretty solid OL.

VikingsY2K: What kind of grade do you have on Donte Whitner?

adamcaplan: Late first-PIT or early second.

Tyr: What do you see the Niners doing with the 22nd pick?

adamcaplan: Defense - Jason Allen or Jimmy Williams if he slips.

VikingsY2K: Is Houston really shopping the first pick, or is it just pre-draft chatter?

adamcaplan: They're trying to do two things, create leverage and let teams know that the pick is available. In the end, I say they still draft Bush.

Blaze326326: If LB Sims is gone by the 17th pick, would you consider LB Greenway a good fit or is he too slow for the new Tampa 2 defense, how about LB Bobby Carpenter?

adamcaplan: Carpenter isn't exactly what they're looking for at WLB.

adamcaplan: Need more speed.

adamcaplan: Thing about Sims is you need a big defensive line in front of him to lessen the impact of the offensive players coming at him and the Vikings have size up front.

PeaceLoveSkol: Adam, your draft philosophy? Keep all of our picks and build depth, or trade up for a stud? How would you compare this quarterback class to others?

adamcaplan: Best player available at a position of need.

adamcaplan: Very weak QB class, too many questions, though I think Cutler will be good down the road.

VikingsY2K: Who do you think will be a better pro QB, Croyle or Whitehurst?

adamcaplan: Whitehurst.

adamcaplan: I think the Vikings would look at him in the third.

medlynn: As deep as the LB class is, would it be a waste if you can't get one of the top two or three?

Blaze326326: I just hope Sims is still there. I know the TE is not as much of a need, but it sure would be nice to get TE Vernon Davis, but I'm sure he will be gone, unless we trade up, which is unlikely.

adamcaplan: Young developmental TE is what they need. Wiggins has the athleticism of a corpse. He's very productive but is he is what he is.

medlynn: Dough boy.

RS Express: Adam, why all the Schaub hype for a guy with a 49% completion rate who had one good game against NE's 31st-ranked pass defense ... and still lost the game?

adamcaplan: On tape, despite his numbers, he looks like a very good fit for the WCO.

adamcaplan: That's what the Vikings saw up close.

HissingBoomslang: Any info about Antoine Bethea on Day 2? Plus, what's the latest vibes on Pat Watkins?

adamcaplan: Watkins - third-round area.

PeaceLoveSkol: What round will TE Dominique Byrd from USC be drafted in? He's a native of Minneapolis. Is he on the Vikings' radar?

adamcaplan: Mid to late second on Byrd.

RS Express: Byrd of the 4.8 40 and 16 reps ... yeeha.

adamcaplan: Owen Daniels, 4th round TE, they may go for him. He played for Darrell Bevell.

VikingsY2K: Adam, can you give us a mock of the first five picks. Sorry if you have posted this already.

adamcaplan: VIK: Check the mock at tfydraftpreview.com. I did that one with Tony Pauline.

vikingspub: There is a link to Tony and Adam's "Scout.com Mock Draft" on this page: http://vikings.scout.com/2/487071.html

PeaceLoveSkol: I'm tired of people quoting combine numbers. It amazes me how the combine can overshadow what a player's done on the football field.

adamcaplan: Agree with you there.

VikingsY2K: Adam, where do you project Abdul Hodge? Watching Iowa this year, I often thought he outplayed Greenway.

adamcaplan: He's strictly an inside LB but should be a pretty solid second-round pick.

Blaze326326: Adam, I know no one can predict the future, but in your view is LB Sims' past concussions risky to be taken at the 17th overall. How about off the field issues? Any likely problems for whoever drafts him? I sure like his speed.

adamcaplan: He only had one issue in his career, but they need to do a good job of getting a report on him. He's also small.

PeaceLoveSkol: I've heard the Vikes are high on D'Qwell Jackson. Any chance he's available at our second-round pick?

adamcaplan: Makes a lot of sense as they don't have a MLB now – three are competing there.

adamcaplan: I also am not high on E.J. Henderson at WLB. Their LBs are clearly the weakness of the defense. I think Ben Leber will be pretty solid, but MLB and WLB are real issues.

RS Express: Think E.J. would be better at MLB. Slow for OLB.

Blaze326326: Other than Leber, of the remaining LBs they currently have, which are the most likely to make the team?

adamcaplan: Dontarrious Thomas and Henderson are locks; after that, no one is. I think all of you will be surprised with DeQuincy Scott at DE. Pretty fast and versatile.

ProVike: Defensive line pressure dictates how fast everyone else needs to be.

adamcaplan: Scott is a very good edge rusher, wasn't a good fit for the 3-4 with San Diego the last few seasons.

PeaceLoveSkol: How do you think Childress is handling Offord's latest trouble? I know he's cleaning house, and we hear lots about high character. Will Offord's mistake affect our draft plans at all?

adamcaplan: I think he will still be back. Onterrio Smith I don't see coming back, as VU was first to report two months ago.

HissingBoomslang: Offord's bigger problem will be when the Vikes actually start drafting upper-tier talent back there.

kajjansiblackmamba: He can still make a name for himself on special teams.

RS Express: Adam, do the Vikes take RB on the second day as Onterrio insurance? Leon Washington in the fourth from FSU?

adamcaplan: I don't see a RB on the first day. They have three they like.

kajjansiblackmamba: How many RBs does this team need?

adamcaplan: Amen.

RS Express: Well, Mewelde is RFA next year and Onterrio is one hit from gone.

adamcaplan: Chester Taylor will need to be spelled this year, he'll get 13-17 touches but there is a need for Moore to pick up the slack.

PeaceLoveSkol: Chester Taylor is our feature back. Fason will get a few carries when Taylor needs a rest. I'm not sure where all the love for Mewelde comes from?

adamcaplan: Moore offers more speed, much more than Fason.

RS Express: Mewelde had 1,000 total yards last year ... he's good.

adamcaplan: Mike Tice, in one of the rare times, was right, Moore needs to prove he's tough.

RS Express: Riiiight ... sits Moore out because of "body language" while trying to save Bennett's career.

PeaceLoveSkol: Good...but not great. I'd spend a 3rd or 4th round pick on Leon Washington (he was once projected as a first-round back) to replace Mewelde. I agree with Adam. He's just hurt too much.

adamcaplan: Washington is a Warrick Dunn-type, third round but could start some day.

PeaceLoveSkol: I like him...a change of pace from Chester Taylor

adamcaplan: RS: I don't think Moore has proven he can handle a lot of touches, that's the problem. Moore must stay healthy, they can't continue to have him on the sidelines.

Blaze326326: Adam, do you see DT Kevin Williams will have a much-improved year alongside Pat Williams (recovering from injury last year?)

adamcaplan: This system should be much better for him.

PeaceLoveSkol: Do you look for the Vikings to be aggressive on draft day? Moving up and down? Or do you think they'll stay put?

adamcaplan: If anything, move up. More likely to stay there.

HissingBoomslang: In your opinion, do you see the Vikes having any interest in Donnie Edwards -- say if it was for a third-round pick?

adamcaplan: No way, he's 33 and is making too much money. Great guy, but you can't give up that for a guy who will only be around for two years and is coming off knee surgery.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, any second-day sleeper WRs out there?

adamcaplan: Baskett, Jason Avant, Todd Watkins is a really good one, very underrated.

HissingBoomslang: Thanks again for the in-depth info about Baskett. I was wondering about your opinions of Brandon Marshall, and Jeff Webb.

adamcaplan: Marshall is a small-school WR, but has a nice upside. Deep second day. Worth a shot, though.

HissingBoomslang: Watkins is a gazelle.

adamcaplan: Guys: I'm out, if I have time next week, we'll do this again.

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