RB Back In Play for Draft Day?

The release of Onterrio Smith suddenly puts the running back position back on the front burner of the draft as a possibility for an early-round pick.

With all the hype about the Vikings moving up in the draft, there may be the potential that teams sitting behind the Vikings may want to move up to get at their first pick.

With Wednesday's release of Onterrio Smith, the Vikings are without potentially three running backs from the 2005 season -- along with Michael Bennett and Moe Williams. The team has added Chester Taylor and fullbacks Tony Richardson and Joey Goodspeed.

The potential exists that, if the Broncos don't take a running back with the 15th pick, when the Vikings are on the clock, they will have their choice of two top rookie RBs -- increasing the notion that Laurence Maroney or DeAngelo Williams could be a possibility in the first round. With teams like the Colts and Steelers in search of a running back, but potentially being situated too late in the first round to do anything about it, the Vikings might find themselves as a target to trade down instead of trade up. Wouldn't that be a kick in the head?

* So is Moe Williams retired? His lawyer made that case during his recent trial, but now his agent is saying that's not necessarily the case. However, with the new regime rooting out many of the players that the Tice Administration had loyalty to, even if Moe hasn't retired, his future with the Vikes may not be his decision to make anymore.
* The Vikings will unveil their new uniform designs at the Mall of America at 6 p.m. tonight.
* The Vikings did a couple of mock drafts at their team headquarters Wednesday. They didn't announce the results, but Scott Studwell said he was happy with the results of the first mock draft -- the second mock, not so much.

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