Medical Risks for Vikings Interests

The Vikings have visited with a few first- and second-round draft prospects that should be considered medical risks. In fact, giving those players a physical could be one reason they were brought in. Some showed no ill effects from past injuries while others could be red-flagged. lists the players and the potential risks involved in selecting them.

Each year, there are players who have various issues coming in to the NFL Draft. outlined the players who had character issues last week and this week we'll take a look at some who have some medical issues in this update:

Charlie Whitehurst/QB/Clemson - He had shoulder surgery late in 2005. Whitehurst looked good in private workouts for teams and hasn't had any problems passing physicals. He visited Winter Park on April 12 and is considered a draft target of the Vikings if they don't get Jay Cutler in the first round.

Ernie Sims/LB/Florida St. - It's no secret that he had some concussion issues in the past but has learned he had suffered six concussions in his playing career, and one of them knocked him unconscious. While Sims seems like a rising prospect, in actuality, he could drop quite a bit on draft day. The Vikings didn't visit with Sims, but, if it weren't for his history of concussions, he would seem to be a perfect fit in the Vikings' new Tampa-2 defensive scheme. It relies on speedy linebackers and Sims fits that bill.

Jason Allen/CB-S/Tennessee - He suffered a hip injury last October that, despite a solid workout at the NFL Combine, has teams very concerned. Two teams that talked to this week said they took Allen off of their draft board because of long-term concerns of his injured hip. Allen visited Winter Park on April 11.

Antonio Cromartie/CB/Florida St. - Cromartie missed the entire 2005 season due to a knee injury, but that doesn't seem to have been an issue as he's been passing team physicals throughout the league. The Vikings are thought to be in the market for a defensive back, having visited with several cornerbacks and safeties, and Cromartie was one of them.

Eric Winston/OT/Miami-Fla. - He suffered a knee injury during the 2004 season but hasn't had any problems passing team physicals.

Marcus McNeill/OT/Auburn - He has been diagnosed with Stenosis, which is defined as the narrowing of the spine. While he certainly can play with the condition, teams are concerned with the long-term affects, which is why many see him falling out of the first round.

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