Draft Chat Transcript

VikingUpdate.com subscribers got a chance to throw draft questions at Scout.com's Adam Caplan and minicamp/roster questions at Viking Update editor Tim Yotter. Here is the transcript from that chat (Caplan will be back for more Friday at noon in the last predraft chat).

vikingspub: Adam should be here shortly. He is/was doing another chat at 8 p.m.

HissingBoomslang: Friday Night ... visions of DB's dancing in our heads.

vikingspub: Was out at their predraft press conference, but that was typically bland.

vikingspub: I'll be doing a predraft chat for the Vikings at the fieldhouse with about 400 VIPs Saturday morning.

PeaceLoveSkol: I'm one of the 400, vikingspub...can't wait!

vikingspub: Peace, cool. P.A. will moderate and Sean Jensen is also there.

Tyr: Pub, do you have indication on what the Vikings may do at 17?

vikingspub: Not yet, but I'm expecting a much better idea tomorrow morning.

vikingspub: What's up, Adam?

TFYStaff: Hi all. Sorry I'm late. Couldn't get in the chat room.

vikingspub: Adam has about 30 minutes, so let's get right to the questions. Who's first?

TFYStaff: I see Jay Cutler as their pick at No. 17 if he's there. Cutler should drop out of the top 10.

medlynn: How did the Ed Nelson workout go?

TFYStaff: He caught the ball well but needs to learn how to play football.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, what's the latest word about Kellen Clemens' stock?

Viking Tom: Hearing more about Kellen, is he a QB the Vikings would be interested in, and what round would he likely go in?

Tyr: If Tennessee takes Young, then is it a sure thing that Oakland will take Leinart at 7?

PeaceLoveSkol: Adam, this week is driving me crazy. Will Cutler be drafted ahead of Matt Leinart? Will Ernie Sims and Chad Greenway be gone by No. 17?

TFYStaff: Peace, Sims will be gone most likely, but I don't think he has good medical reports.

medlynn: I hear AZ wants Sims.

TFYStaff: Med, they do to a point.

PeaceLoveSkol: Will the Vikes stay put at 17 or trade up to get him if he indeed drops out of the top 10?

TFYStaff: Peace, most likely stay or trade down. If Cutler slips a little then maybe trade up. The Vikings do like him.

ProVike: Adam, do you think the Vikings may opt to trade down if all their initial options are off the board, meaning, Sims, Greenway, Cutler?

HissingBoomslang: OK, Adam. Just how much do you believe that Antonio Cromartie is on the Vikes' radar?

TFYStaff: Could be their guy should Cutler go off the board. Cromartie has big-time upside. But you have to be patient if they select him.

HissingBoomslang: Mmmm, thanks … I like how that sounds.

kajjansiblackmamba: I see that Cromartie is rising up the Scout.com draft rankings.

ProVike: Cromartie reminds me of Randy Moss when he runs.

medlynn: I was watching film of Cutler and didn't see him make a pass without throwing off his back foot.

TFYStaff: Med, I think he has some flaws, but Brad Childress is great with QBs so I think he can get him to be a good QB.

Tyr: Vandy's line really didn't help in that regard.

medlynn: They looked really bad.

TFYStaff: The Vikings are poised to have a good draft and did well in free agency.

Tyr: If Cutler and Sims are off the board, then is there any chance that the Vikings would take a halfback at 17?

PeaceLoveSkol: I just think 17 is a crappy position this year. The draft is deep, but if Cutler, Sims, and Greenway are gone, I don't think they'll get much value staying at No. 17. As much as I thought I hated the idea, maybe a trade down is a good idea.

TFYStaff: Peace, there are a ton of good LBs they could take if Cutler is gone too.

PeaceLoveSkol: That's what I mean, but none worthy of pick 17...do you think?

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, where do you see Kellen Clemens being drafted?

TFYStaff: Kaj, third round. The Jets could reach for him earlier.

medlynn: He hit his receivers in stride.

Tyr: I've heard that Philly may want to trade down and select Mangold. Any idea on who their trading partner may be?

TFYStaff: Tyr: That's what I reported earlier this week, but if they keep it, Winston Justice is likely or Greenway.

PeaceLoveSkol: Since they released O. Smith, is RB higher on the Vikes radar? Or are they satisfied with Taylor, Moore, Fason, and FB Richardson?

medlynn: I think they need another back

TFYStaff: Peace, they're fine at RB.

PeaceLoveSkol: Adam, I'm with you ... I think Childress loves Chester Taylor, and I think he's willing to give Moore and Fason a shot in his system.

TFYStaff: Peace, as I noted in the first chat I did weeks ago, Taylor is a real talent, very underrated.

kajjansiblackmamba: Baltimore would rather have him than Jamal Lewis, which tells me a lot.

ProVike: Maroney does seem to have the intangibles and made a lot of catches out of the backfield this past season.. Is he a possibilty as a BPA??

TFYStaff: Pro, late first for him, IND is a really good fit … or Joseph Addai.

javik316: Any chance we trade for Donnie Edwards?

TFYStaff: Jav, next to none. Even if they would take a 7th, he's 33 and coming off of knee surgery.

PeaceLoveSkol: Since Mike Tice isn't with us anymore, maybe we won't draft a RB in round 4.

ProVike: Or someone from Maryland.

medlynn: I would put Scott Studwell back in a uniform before Edwards.

TFYStaff: Med, No. 55 was a heck of a player.

Tyr: Are there any teams between 11 and 16 that really like Cutler?

TFYStaff: Tyr, someone could trade up or down to take him, that's the issue.

javik316: What QB is worth taking in the second round?

PeaceLoveSkol: Adam, any truth to the rumors Matt Leinart's stock is dropping? How far?

TFYStaff: Peace, could be as late as 7 to Oakland, but that's as far as I see.

medlynn: I want to give Leinart purple No. 11.

Tyr: The first round is going to be really tense this year.

TFYStaff: TY: There's a lot of BS going around.

HissingBoomslang: Have the Vikes mentioned Marcedes Lewis at all being a possibility in Round 2, if he was still there?

PeaceLoveSkol: Any chance the Vikes are interested, or are they "locked" on Cutler?

TFYStaff: Hiss: They need a TE-WCO type, must stretch the field. Lewis doesn't fit that. (Caplan left the chat early with technical difficulties and will join VikingUpdate.com subscribers again Friday at noon Central.)

kajjansiblackmamba: Any news on the stadium drive, Tim?

vikingspub: I still think it's unlikely they'll get a stadium done for the Vikes this year, as much as the Vikes want to go for the 3-in-1 approach.

kajjansiblackmamba: What seems to be the main hold up?

Tyr: Do you think that the Twins stadium will finally get done?

vikingspub: I was told we're basically looking at a timeframe between 4/20/06 and 5/20/06 if something is to get done.

vikingspub: I think the Twins have a good shot, but I'd still be surprised if all three go through in one year.

dbrviking: Pub, how did Troy Williamson look in mini-camp?

vikingspub: He looked better than he did last year in the first minicamp.

vikingspub: There were a number of dropped passes early on by WRs and LBs, but that could have been nerves with a new coaching staff watching.

kajjansiblackmamba: Well, there might be a small snag in the U of M's plan....so maybe the Vikes will get in this year?

Tyr: I'm kind of annoyed that the Gophers got through first. I like the Gophers, but they should have been the lowest priority.

Tyr: Did Thomas seem decent at MLB?

vikingspub: Tyr, so-so. Everyone was being switched so much in the LB positions and they were in shorts, so kind of hard to tell.

vikingspub: I was glad to see them use T-Will in different routes other than just straight fly patterns.

Tyr: Have the Vikings ever ran slants?

medlynn: The one thing I like about Williamson is he came out one year early and if he was in this year s class he would have been just as high.

HissingBoomslang: T-Will is someone who'd do well on slant patterns?

vikingspub: Hey, Adam just called. He's really having issues. He's thinking maybe he'll be back at noon Central on Friday.

vikingspub: I'll take anymore minicamp questions you have for about 10 minutes.

kajjansiblackmamba: Any really surprising standouts from minicamp, Tim?

vikingspub: I liked the look of the D-backs. Both lines it was hard to tell in shorts.

vikingspub: Mike Tomlin made a big impression.

Tyr: How did Hutchinson seem?

vikingspub: Seems like a good guy, but they weren't in pads. I'm sure he'll look great once they are in pads.

HissingBoomslang: How has Willie Offord looked?

vikingspub: Offord isn't able to do any team work with his knee. Kenechi Udeze looked like nothing ever happened.

kajjansiblackmamba: Any hints as to who the 'really good inside candidate' for the MLB position is?

kajjansiblackmamba: Childress said he had a candidate already on the roster for MLB.

vikingspub: My guess with that would be Dontarrious Thomas, or E.J. Henderson if they draft a WLB.

medlynn: Who will be our .05 corner?

vikingspub: Right now, Dovonte Edwards is the nickel with Dustin Fox the backup, but I fully expect them to draft a CB in the first three rounds.

VikingGuru: Since Brian Williams was restricted, why couldn't we have traded and got something for him?

Tyr: Wasn't there an issue with his tender being too expensive for the Vikings tastes?

vikingspub: I don't think they could have traded Williams until he was actually signed. They only tendered him to start before rescinding it. He never signed the tender.

HissingBoomslang: Jax paid a ridiculous amount for a guy who has never proven he can be a full-time starter yet.

vikingspub: The CB averages went up about $1 million, which made him more expensive than they wanted, especially for a guy who didn't want to be here.

vikingspub: Hiss, I think B-Will is a solid starter, but he's not worth what the Jax gang paid.

Tyr: How does Eric Beiniemy seem as a coach?

vikingspub: I think the players respect him being a former player. He should be a good fit, but I think Dean Dalton was a good coach there as well.

kajjansiblackmamba: Tim, how much input will Scott Studwell have come draft day?

vikingspub: My take is that Studwell won't be making the final call. It will probably come down to a consensus with Fran Foley getting the final call.

vikingspub: That's the question -- will Studwell have a job after the draft. I think it's looking better for him, but I think there will be some changes at the lower levels of the scouting ranks.

Tyr: Oh yeah, what do you think about the RGs currently on our roster?

vikingspub: Two years ago, I thought Chris Liwienski was a fringe Pro Bowl type. Now I think he might be struggling to make the roster.

Tyr: Are either Anthony Herrera or Adam Goldberg starting caliber or should we really draft someone?

vikingspub: With a strong supporting cast, they can make do with Herrera and/or Goldberg, but I'd expect they'll draft an OL somewhere in the middle rounds.

Tyr: Yeah, but I'd rather not try to mask problems at RG, if we can draft someone better.

medlynn: Did they move him and the rest of the line too much?

vikingspub: Med, yes, they really moved their OL too much between now and the start of the regular season last year. It was a joke.

Blaze326326: Foley acknowledged Studwell knew a lot more about the draft talent than he does. He will rely heavily on his judgment and will be around for this year, and hopefully for many to come

vikingspub: Foley didn't have much of a chance to really get to know the draft players until the last month. Remember when he was hired. <

vikingspub: He was trying to work free agency in February and March and then had to switch gears and immerse himself in the draft reports.

vikingspub: He's going to have to rely heavily on the scouting reports that have been drafted in the last 11 months.

medlynn: Is Antonio Cromartie just a bunch of hype or can he play?

vikingspub: He can play if he can stay healthy. He'd be a bit of risk in the first round, but it could be high reward as well.

HissingBoomslang: He was not the "starter" his sophomore year, being behind McFadden -- but anyone who watched the bowl game they were in, knew who the real SUPERSTAR was.

vikingspub: One start in college for Cromartie, but I'm told he had a tremendous workout that really impressed the scouts.

vikingspub: Again, we'll try to get Adam on at noon Friday. He's on KFAN about an hour or so before that.

medlynn: Who would you rank as the top QB? Overall, not from the Vikings, and can you rate this year's class with last year's, better or worse.

vikingspub: I'm a Cutler guy. I just think you take Cutler and place him on Texas or USC and you have the No. 1 overall pick whose mechanics look better when he has stars to throw to and time to read.

Blaze326326: I'm a Cutler guy too. Mike Mayock had a lot of good insights on him.

HissingBoomslang: Oh, he was amazing at Vandy. People don't realize how pathetic Vandy usually is. He had them in games, against teams they usually are down by 28 by halftime.

vikingspub: OK, guys, we'll chat again on Friday and maybe I'll catch one or two of you out at Winter Park. It will be a VERY busy 48 hours.

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