Final Predraft Chat Transcript

See what's well-versed NFL insider Adam Caplan had to say about the Vikings' predicament with the 17th pick and the teams ahead of them that could affect the possibilities. Plus, a look at some other possibilities past the first round that would fit the Vikings' schemes.

TFYStaff (Adam Caplan): The Vikings need a WLB and MLB, I don't see E.J. Henderson as a true WLB and they don't have a good MLB now.

fireicon: Adam, what is your opinion of Tye Hill and would he be a good fit for the Vikes?

TFYStaff: Fire: Hill is a possibility if Jay Cutler is gone, as is Antonio Cromartie.

eyesfan: If cutler is gone, do you think that they will use their first-rounder on a LB? Or would they be better off using it elsewhere?

TFYStaff: Eyes, I wrote earlier this week that Chad Greenway and Ernie Sims are other possible picks, but Sims may scare them off.

Vlibf99: What do you think of the new uniforms...honestly?


footballdiehard: Would it be wise to package our second-round pick #51 and our 2nd third-round pick #95 to move to end of first round?

TFYStaff: FOOT: I see them not trading in round one but possibly packaging those extra picks to move up in other rounds if needed.

TFYStaff: They don't seem desperate to move up in round one. Lots of players that should be there at #17, but by keeping those extra picks they can fill holes and get depth at various positions.

pjslog: My priority is Sims, Cutler, Greenway, cornerback. What do you think?

TFYStaff: I would say Cutler, Greenway or Sims, Cromartie or Tye Hill.

fireicon: Brodie Croyle, Kellen Clemens or Charlie Whitehurst? Which one do you think would be the best fit for Vikes?

TFYStaff: Fire: Clemens if he's there in the third.

eyesfan: Do you think a nickel cornerback is a must on the first day?

TFYStaff: Eyes: They have to have one or sign a veteran UFA.

pjslog: Will TE be taken in round 2 or 3?

TFYStaff: PJ: Fourth round – Owen Daniels.

pjslog: I see some have them taking a RB from UCLA, Maurice Drew, in round 2. Good move?

TFYStaff: PJ: Why would they take a smallish RB? They have them already. Drew is stocky, but very small. They don't need a RB really.

pjslog: Defense, defense, defense in rounds 2 & 3.

TFYStaff: PJ: Agreed, they need help there.

TFYStaff: I can see third round one of the QBs. Second-LB or CB if they don't get one in the first.

TFYStaff: Jason Allen could be another look in the first if the others are gone.

eyesfan: When would be reasonable to get a OL?

TFYStaff: Eyes: Second is as early as they'd go there.

eyesfan: Do you think they are heading in that direction or don't they see that as a necessity?

TFYStaff: Needs are: CB, MLB, WLB. MLB the least of the needs

pjslog: Odds of Sims or Greenway both being there? I hear the Eagles like Greenway?

TFYStaff: PJ: Strong

TFYStaff: I wrote that earlier that the Eagles do like Greenway, but they want Winston Justice more it seems.

pjslog: Any chance of Abdul Hodge from Iowa in round 2?

TFYStaff: PJ: Yes, him or D'Qwell Jackson.

pjslog: Titans taking Vince Young or Matt Leinart?

TFYStaff: My guess is Young.

pjslog: Then Leinart to whom?

TFYStaff: PJ: Raiders maybe

eyesfan: They've been talking about the Vikings taking the best player available. What do you think they would do if all their wants are gone?

TFYStaff: Eyes: They'll take the best CB on their board if Cutler and Greenway are gone.

footballdiehard: Is the Matt Schaub trade with Atlanta a dead deal now..or is there a chance we could still get him?

TFYStaff: If Cutler is gone, they could try again during the draft to get Schaub.

pjslog: Who is Denny Green taking? Agree that Rams will take Cutler if he

makes it that far.

TFYStaff: PJ: Sims, if they feel OK about the concussions.

pjslog: Do you really think the Vikes prefer Greenway over Sims?

TFYStaff: PJ: I think Sims is a better fit for the Vikings, but the concussions are an issue.

pjslog: I agree...Sims would be dynamic.

TFYStaff: He's really got a ton of upside, but you have to minimize the risk.

Vlibf99: How would Michael Huff do as a strong safety?

TFYStaff: VL: He played SS in college so it could work.

footballdiehard: Who do you think will be a 1st-round bust this year?

TFYStaff: Young.

TFYStaff: One team told me they can't see a QB who throws like that doing well at the next level.

pjslog: Does Detroit take Sims if Huff is gone?

TFYStaff: DET: Bunkley or Sims maybe.

TFYStaff: Sims is a great fit, same D as TB, MIN, IND

eyesfan: Do you think Dustin Fox will be a better cornerback or safety?

TFYStaff: Eyes: I want to see how he does in camp first.

pjslog: Anything a team can do to minimize concussions? Special helmet?

fireicon: If Cromartie is there at 17, do the Vikings take a chance on him?

TFYStaff: FIRE: Depends who else is there. He's one of the ones they will consider. Ton of upside. Can play inside or outside – nickel?

TFYStaff: I think MIN will also look for some WRs on the second day

pjslog: who is bigger gamble, Cromartie or Sims?

TFYStaff: PJ: Sims because of the concussion issues

eyesfan: Do you think they will go more towards a tall wide receiver or a quick one like Nate Burleson?

TFYStaff: Eyes: Speed, and one-possession guy like a Mike Hass.

pjslog: So would you take Greenway or Sims if you had the choice?

TFYStaff: PJ: Greenway as I don't feel good about the concussions, but Sims if he checks out medically.

vikingspub: Does Stovall fit a West Coast offense?

TFYStaff: PUB: Yes, very good fit, smart and faster than you think.

Vlibf99: How about Jeremy Bloom, just like Chris Walsh?

TFYStaff: VL: 5th rounder, but he really won't be much of a WR, more of a KR/PR.

footballdiehard: Could we look for a Devin Hester or Will Blackmon KR/CB type person?

Vlibf99: I was thinking Devin Hester for that.

TFYStaff: FOOT: Hester may make it to the first day, but not sure where he will play, CB or WR.

TFYStaff: Blackmon late second day.

pjslog: Any chance they trade down and still get a DB?

TFYStaff: PJ: Probably not

TFYStaff: 25% chance

vikingspub: Is Wimbley only a 3-4 guy or could he be used in a 4-3? If so, where?

TFYStaff: VIK: He can play DE. He's at around 252 now. Teams are looking at him as a 3-4 OLB, CLE and NE.

eyesfan: Do you think Troy Williamson will make a big impact this year, or is this going to be another developing year?

TFYStaff: EYES: Yes, he will play a lot. They want to get him on the field as much as possible. They need him. They don't have much else there.

pjslog: Which teams from 1-16 will decide who the Vikes can get. I think the Cards, Rams, Eagles.

TFYStaff: PJ: ARI, possibly STL

eyesfan: Is Koren Robinson gonna excel again this year? I've noticed not too many people are talking about him.

pjslog: Hard to believe the Rams would take a QB considering how terrible

the defense is.

TFYStaff: PJ: Agreed, I say smokescreen for the Vikings to trade up.

TFYStaff: EYES: He's one to watch. If he stays clean, can be very good, but they're screwed if he's not able to play.

pjslog: How many trades made in first round? Best guess.

TFYStaff: PJ: Maybe 3-4. It depends on if there's a surprise pick in the first 10. If there is, you may see a lot of deals.

eyesfan: Between Travis Taylor, K-Rob, M-Rob and Williamson, do you think we are in good shape or is there too much inexperience there?

TFYStaff: EYES: They need depth who can develop.

pjslog: any hunch on what a surprise might be?

TFYStaff: PJ: If Young or Leinart fall and someone like BUF takes him.

eyesfan: How do you feel about the RB situation?

TFYStaff: EYES: Vikings are in good shape there.

pjslog: Who is biggest mover up in draft as we speak...who is the biggest mover down?

TFYStaff: PJ: As far as players, Clemens up. Down-Claude Wroten.

pjslog: I like Clemens over Croyle.

TFYStaff: PJ: I like him and Whitehurst over Croyle.

TFYStaff: Guys: I have to run, good chat.

vikingspub: Thanks, everyone, he had to make it quick and get off to New York.

vikingspub: Have a fun weekend!

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