Greg Blue: Whatever They Want

Georgia safety Greg Blue could turn into Minnesota Vikings safety or Minnesota Vikings linebacker Greg Blue. He's willing to do whatever helps enhance his role with the team.

Under ordinary circumstances, a team's final pick in a draft is questionable to make the final 53-man roster. But then again, most teams were still taking part in the draft more than four hours after the Vikings were finished. With their last pick in the 2006 draft – one in the middle of the fifth round – the Vikings took Greg Blue, a 216-pound safety that some project as being a potential spot-duty linebacker in the Vikings' Tampa-2 system.

He wouldn't be the first recent Georgia safety that got asked to move to speed linebacker. His former teammate Thomas Davis was viewed by teams as a safety/linebacker hybrid as well. When asked, Blue said he would be willing to make the move if that is what the Vikings want.

"Right now, I'm (being told I'll play) safety," Blue said. "But you never know. I really don't know where I'll be playing, but as of right now, it's safety. I can compare with (previous Bulldogs safeties). Most of the safeties that come out of Georgia, we all are similar – we have different qualities, but all played the same position and we were used in the same kind of way."

While his immediate role and team expectations are unclear, Blue realizes that he will have to be a role player and take on whatever duties he is asked to do. He says he has a physical style that should translate well to the next level, but added that, in the end, he's just happy to be in the NFL and is ready to take on whatever job he is asked to take on.

"My role is to just come in and fit in wherever needed," Blue said. "If it's special teams, then they're going to get 110 percent of me doing that. I just want to come in and play the best I can play and help the team win."

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