Axed Foley

Less than a week after believing he had the team's full support, Fran Foley is expected to officially be fired today.

Less than four months after being installed as the team's de facto general manager, Fran Foley is expected to accept a buyout proposal today that will end his term as vice president of player personnel less than 14 weeks after it began.

Foley, who was hired at the behest of Commssioner Paul Tagliabue after he told owner Zygi Wilf that he needed an experienced NFL man in the front office, has been cited for a couple of shortfalls in his new role.

First was a resume that included several embellishments as to his role at both the college and professional level -- in which he claimed to wield much more authority than he actually did. Second was a management style that apparently didn't mesh with the some of the other top officials in the organization. The Vikings draft, in which many believed they reached for some of their key picks, was not viewed as a factor -- at least not publicly.

In a radio interview prior to draft, Foley sought to avoid questions about the resume, but at the time claimed he had the full support of the Wilf family. That support is now seemingly gone and it seems imminent Foley will be sent to the curb officially, as early as this morning.

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