Foley Fights Back

In one of the shortest working tenures since Dimitrius went "commando" on the opening day of training camp, Fran Foley intends to sue the Vikings for all of his contract. But the reason for his dismissal seems more personal than embellishing his resume.

The term of Fran Foley as one of the points on the Vikings Triangle of Authority was officially terminated Wednesday in arguably one of the shortest press releases ever sent out. The one-sentence announcement simply said the team had terminated his contract. But that is just the tip of the triangle.

In a radio interview late last week, Foley told KFAN Radio out of Minneapolis that his embellishments on his resume were no longer a concern and that the Wilf family were solidly behind him. Something between last Friday and Monday changed all that.

According to sources with the team and with the league, Foley had several run-ins with high-ranking Vikings officials and his management style has been termed as both "brash" and "abrasive." Among those Foley is said to have had arguments with is Vikings head coach Brad Childress. Zygi Wilf got to see some of this firsthand over the weekend and wasted little time in trying to end the contract with Foley.

But, as little as the Vikings front office talks in general terms, don't expect any comment on the Foley matter. He is planning a lawsuit seeking his entire contract compensation, which his attorney Jeffrey Kessler said was guaranteed. Earlier this year, Foley signed a three-year, $1 million deal to leave the Chargers and join the Vikings.

Claiming Foley was "the victim of a power struggle" and "stunned" by the decision to terminate, Kessler said Foley intends to seek what he believes is rightfully his.

The Vikings attempted to buy out the deal at a fraction of its total value, which Foley and his attorney rejected.

* The Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League are pursuing former Viking Onterrio Smith, released last week by the Vikings when the NFL stated he would not be immediately reinstated at the conclusion of his one-year suspension through the league's substance abuse policy.
* The Texans released 10 players Wednesday, including former Viking kicker Hayden Epstein.
* The Vikings stadium bill passed a first hurdle by getting approval from the Minnesota House Governmental Operations and Veterans Affairs Committee. The vote was 13-9 to approve, as well as a 10-9 vote not to require a referendum of voters.

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