Culpepper Expected Lawsuit

In the wake of the lawsuit filed by Nike, Inc., VU has learned the suit has come as no suprise to Daunte Culpepper.

It was a little surprising when business websites were mentioning Daunte Culpepper's name. As reported earlier this week, Nike, Inc., filed suit in Oregon against Culpepper, claiming that he signed an agreement with rival Reebok without giving Nike it's contracted right to match any offer from a competitor.

However, Culpepper's business team isn't worried about the lawsuit. In fact, they were expecting it.

In a statement released Thursday, attorneys for Culpepper said that "the appropriate measures" were taken to protect Culpepper's interests and that the lawsuit, while expected, has been prepared for and addressed before Culpepper had any dealing with Reebok.

Culpepper was unavailable for comment, since he is in Florida preparing for his wedding tomorrow.

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