Cunningham Goes Out In Style

Randall Cunningham is leaving the game of football more as the man he became than the one who started his career in Philadelphia.

Randall Cunningham had many disbelievers when he came to the Vikings in 1998. Most people didn't believe his rhetoric when he put God and Jesus into nearly every interview. Many thought is was disingenuous -- he was out to take Brad Johnson's job and could use old friend Cris Carter to get that accomplished.

As it turned out, those who doubted Cunningham were proved wrong. He did get the starting job -- by injuries to Johnson -- but never had the same cocky swagger of his youth, even though he led the Vikings to the most prolific offensive season in the history of the NFL -- both in yardage and scoring.

Cunningham himself would lose his starting job the next year to Jeff George, but it didn't change his attitude. He still thanked God and Jesus at every turn and said all things come for a reason.

So, it shouldn't be as any surprise that Cunningham said God told him it was time to retire. He still could have found a job in the NFL, but said recently God told him if it wasn't with the Ravens, he should step away from the game.

While he's expected to sign a ceremonial contract with the Eagles to retire and officially end his career where it began, he will be remembered as a tremendous athlete for the Eagles and Vikings and beloved by many for his steadfast embracing of the teachings of God.

That part of his life will continue. Cunningham owns a recording studio in Las Vegas and intends to produce gospel albums with the money he made from football.

Some found it hard to believe that the same Randall Cunningham that had such bad press in Philly could be the same devout Christian Vikings players, coaches and fans saw. As it turned out, it wasn't an act -- it was a man who found himself and will likely find as much joy outside the game as he did in it.

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