All Quiet on the Foley Front

The arbitration procedure between the Vikings and former personnel director Fran Foley got underway Thursday with both sides agreeing on one thing -- they aren't talking to the media about any of it. The two sides remain mum on what has been or will be discussed.

Ever since the new-look Vikings front office was assembled, one thing that has been consistent is that there is the cone of silence when it pertains to discussing "family business" with the media.

That didn't change Thursday, as the Vikings and Fran Foley met via conference call with NFL special counsel Jay Moyer concerning the termination of Foley last month. No date for the official arbitration hearing was set, but neither side seems willing to back down, so a final hearing appear inevitable.

The parameters of the arbitration were discussed, but both sides have opted not to make public what was discussed or what the future plans will be -- leaving the rest of us essentially in the dark.

No date has been set for the final hearing, but it is expected to come in the next two to three weeks.

* Wide receiver Aaron Hosack and cornerback Ronyell Whitaker were both named to the All-NFL Europe team Thursday.

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