One Stays, One Goes

The Vikings will announce this week the contract extension of one of their most tenured employees, while another Winter Park fixture won't be around for the 2006 season when his contract expires this week.

The contracts of several front office people expire on Wednesday, when the second phase of free agency begins along with the new NFL fiscal year. For the Vikings, it is expected to mean that one of their venerable veterans will stay on and another will call it quits.

Scout Frank Gilliam, who for years oversaw the Vikings college draft efforts, will return for another season after agreeing to a one-year contract. Gilliam has been with the team for 34 years, making him one of the longest-tenured employees with the team.

Not so fortunate is scout Jerry Reichow. Citing heavy turnaround in the front office, Reichow won't be returning for the 2006 season as a full-time employee, but does hope to remain with the team in some capacity.

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