Enough Already With the Rookies

The Vikings are last in a dubious category that, while it will surely change, has made the Vikings stick out among the 32 NFL franchises.

About a month ago, we pointed out that only about 25 of the NFL's 261 college draft picks had been signed -- less than 10 percent.

A month later, that number has doubled and the total rookies -- drafted and undrafted -- has ballooned to more than 160, but, as of today, the Vikings remain the only team without a single rookie signed since the middle of June.

While we knew beforehand that the Vikings weren't going to make any signings until after the front office returned from the Fourth of July Weekend, the lack of activity wasn't fully expected.

The signings are all expected to come within a short period of time, perhaps even multiple picks on the same day, but the Vikings are getting attention in the national media not because of a coach or player on the roster, but because they're the last team of all the franchises to have a single rookie signing in the last few weeks.

VU has been in contract with those at the top of the rookie negotiating game and, while long negotiations are expected with first-round pick Bryant McKinnie, because of the huge signing bonus money and contract length that are typically discussed with top 10 draft picks, the front office has every assurance that all draft picks will be in camp when players report two weeks from tomorrow for the start of training camp.
* VU would like to congratulate Matt and Adrianne Birk, who became the proud parents of 8 pound, 11 ounce baby girl Madison Ella Wednesday. Initial reports tell us baby and mother are doing fine -- but Matt's a mess.

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