Boat Story Finally Over

The Vikings boat party scandal has dogged the team for the better part of nine months. But with the criminal cases out of the way, it would appear that the ordeal is finally behind the team and for the most part over.

The specter of the scandal that has come to be known as the Love Boat has dogged the Vikings for nine months since the first taudry stories became public. But after months of scorn and ridicule, it would appear that the scandal is finally over.

An attorney for Al and Alma's, the company that the Vikings players chartered for the boats, made it clear that the company won't be suing the players in civil court. Citing a serious drop in business following the scandal -- which some viewed as reason enough to go after the players in civil court -- a lawyer representing Al and Alma's said the case is a dead issue.

Four Vikings were charged in the case with lewd conduct. Daunte Culpepper was cleared of charges, Moe Williams was found guilty only of the most minor of charges and Fred Smoot and Bryant McKinnie accepted plea agreements last month.

The case has been a source of public embarrassment for many people associated with the Vikings and they seem happy to finally have the case over with and done.

There is still the possibility that individual employees from the cruise might seek legal action in civil court, but, as it stands now, the Love Boat scandal may finally be over.

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