Vikings Get Little Respect in Fantasyland

After a decade of seeing guys like Cris Carter, Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper go in the first or second round of fantasy football drafts around the country, the "fantasy football experts" aren't sold on any one star on the Vikings offense this season.

It's never too early for fantasy football fans to get a jump on the 2006 season. While most fantasy drafts are still almost three months away, actual drafts and mock drafts alike are going on around the country. And what's the word? From the fantasy perspective, the Vikings aren't getting much respect.

VU accessed a website that chronicles all the "serious drafts" that are conducted for use in magazines and fantasy websites and found the "average draft position" (ADP) of 25 drafts. The word from those who are acknowledged as the experts in their field has turned up one thing – they're not buying into the Vikings as a fantasy force – after years of seeing guys like Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper go off the board in the first couple of rounds. Here are the results:

Quarterback – Vikings fans love Brad Johnson, but not fantasy owners. Johnson's ADP is No. 29 – just behind Cleveland QB Charlie Frye and barely ahead of rookies Matt Leinart and Vince Young (neither of whom is expected to start right away).

Running Back – Chester Taylor is ranked No. 18, tucked in between Jamal Lewis and Reggie Bush. This shouldn't be too surprising. Lamont Jordan was ranked in the mid-teens a year ago when he was with the Raiders and he proved to be a rushing/receiving stud in Oakland. Mewelde Moore isn't viewed as a hot backup, however, dropping in at No. 51.

Wide Receiver – Only two Vikings made the ADP list which covers the top 70 players in the draft. Koren Robinson checks in highest among Vikings at No. 34 – down in between underachieving No. 2 or 3 receivers like Donte Stallworth and Kevin Curtis. The only other Viking to show up on the board? Troy Williamson at No. 54.

Tight End – Jermaine Wiggins gets a little respect, but not too much – landing at No. 17 despite averaging 70 receptions in his two years as a Viking. That puts him in between Ben Troupe, a young tight end with Tennessee that shares time with Erron Kinney, and Zach Hilton, who is entering his first year as a starter for the Saints.

Kicker – Ryan Longwell is listed at No. 11 – the highest ADP of any Viking.

Defense – The Vikings checked in at No. 17. If they could finish at that position, many Vikings fans would be happy.

For more information on average draft position and to learn more about who is ranked above and below the Vikings, simply find a search engine, do a search using the terms "average draft position" and "football" and you will find plenty of sources that have the information. However, where they have Vikings ranked, you may want to skip it completely or you might get depressed.

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