Why, Sporting News? Why?

The Sporting News has come out with its predictions for the 2006 season and it's apparent TSN isn't on board with the changes the Vikings have made in the offseason...not even a little bit. The magazine says Vikings fans should expect 10 losses this year.

Last year, The Sporting News bought into the Vikings hype. They believed the Vikes could win the NFC North and be the new powerhouse of the division.

Instead the Bears emerged from nowhere to take the division title and the Vikings were left with promises unfulfilled. Whether TSN felt burned or not is up for debate, but they have clearly jumped off the Vikings bandwagon for 2006.

In the magazine's football preview issue, there is little to no respect given the NFC North. The Bears are picked to repeat as division champs with a paltry 8-8 record. Yet, the regard TSN showed the Vikings was even worse. If the predictions the editors there have are true, the Vikings will finish 6-10 and behind both the Bears and Packers in the division.

Vikings fans who want to avoid the headaches of being angered may want to bypass it completely, but TSN is all-in with the Steelers, predicting a 14-2 record and a second Super Bowl title.

In other Vikings-related nuggets, the magazine proclaimed Steve Hutchinson the most powerful offensive lineman and Darren Sharper as the league's best diagnostic safety. For fantasy football fans, they only had one Viking listed in the top 100 fantasy players (Chester Taylor at No. 27).

* From the Good News, Bad News Department comes this piece of good news. Seahawks fans are already falling in love with Nate Burleson. At their latest minicamp, Burleson caught everything in sight and is said to have become fast friends with quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.
* From the Good News, Bad News Department comes this piece of bad news. When asked to assess the the value of former Viking and current Browns starter Brian Russell, head coach Romeo Crennel told the Cleveland media, "He'll be valuable as long as he keeps his job."

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