Before They Were Pros: Greg Blue

Greg Blue fielded a number of questions when he was at the Combine, but most of the questioning from reporters centered on him being labeled as a big hitter who can't cover. See what the Vikings rookie had to say about that reputation.

On who were some of the teams he talked with at the Combine: "St. Louis, Cincinnati, Baltimore, New York Giants were some of the teams."

On if he talked with the Vikings: "The Vikings also. It was with a lot of their personnel guys. I can't remember their names because I was going straight back-to-back with a lot of teams."

On what was some of the feedback he was getting from teams: "One team was asking me a little bit about weakside linebacker. Not too much, but mostly every team was talking about safety."

On how much he talked to Thomas Davis (Carolina rookie DB from the University of Georgia) to help you him get prepared for the Combine: "We talk a lot, but most of the times we really don't talk about football. Sometimes, about the Combine, he gave me a couple of pointers. He'll just tell me what to expect."

On why defensive players from Georgia are doing so well in the league: "I think it's our coaches. We like to give a lot of credit to our coaches that we have at Georgia, how they prepare us, and you want to win. They make us work hard and plus they recruit guys who want to work hard. That's why most of our defensive guys that we've got coming out, they are hard workers. You know they are going to fight for you. They are front-line guys."

On the label he has as being a big hitter without much cover skills: "I'd rather be labeled as a big hitter. Jack Tatum he was labeled as a big hitter. You've got a lot of big-time games that you see on TV a lot, on ESPN a lot. Most of them guys are big hitters. I can cover, too. But in our scheme, if we'd get a third wide receiver in the game we were going straight to nickel so I didn't have the opportunity to cover wide receivers like most teams did because we had a lot of good cornerbacks. So I didn't have the opportunity. Most of my tape you'll probably see me in Cover-2 or Cover-3 or, you know, man-to-man on the tight end. But I'm not mad. I'm glad I am considered a big hitter because that's rare. It's hard to find safeties who will put their head in there on every play."

On if he will have to show them he can cover at workouts: "It's going to be real hard to show them I can cover here. Probably, they'll watch film, or when I get to camp that's when it will really show right there."

On his defense of those who say he's not a big hitter question: "I don't really have a defense to that. Everybody has their right to their opinion. I know I need to work it myself. They are right, too. I've got to work on that too because I haven't had that much experience at it (covering wide receivers).

On if it's the right time for a big-hitting safety in the league with teams crowding the line of scrimmage: "It's always the right time. All of the big-time safeties, most of them are big hitters. Guys who say I can't cover, I can learn how to do that. If they say that I can't, I can learn how to cover. If I get my right and proper (amount of) practice in, I'll be good."

On going against guys like Fred Gibson and Reggie Brown in practice: "Going against our great receivers and great running backs at our school, that helped me out a lot. Plus in the SEC, playing against great guys, that helped me out. It won't be too much of a big challenge when I get to the NFL because I've been against big backs, fast and big receivers in the SEC."

On getting more attention after making so many all-American teams: "I got put on a lot of all-American teams because I was known as a big hitter. I'm going to keep on playing my style and I'm going to work on my coverage skills or whatever. I'm still going to work on my hitting, but I'm going to be me. I'm always going to be a big force back there."

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