Five-Game Ticket Package Offered

The Vikings have begun offering current and potential season-ticket holders a way to cut costs yet keep their ticket packages with a new half-season ticket plan -- that allows the ticket holder to choose from two five-game plans.

The Vikings announced this week that they have a new ticket plan for season ticket holders that will reduce costs of a full season ticket plan.

The team unveiled its plan, which has a purple and gold component of five games each. Under the purple plan, fans would get tickets for the preseason game with the Raiders as well as regular season games vs. the Panthers, Lions, Packers and Jets. In the gold plan, tickets would be purchased for the preseason game with the Ravens, as well as regular-season games with the Bears, Patriots, Cardinals and Rams.

The purple and gold packages were the brainchild of the Wilf family. The idea is to maximize the number of season ticket holders by enticing those who might not want to or be able to afford a full 10-game season ticket package yet want to have guaranteed seating for five games.

For more information, call 1-800-33-VIKES for details.

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