Vikings Sign Two; Stadium Unrest?

The Vikings made news of different kinds Monday. The team signed two of its Class of 2006 rookie crop -- the first of what is expected to be the start of rapid-fire signings. But the signing of Ray Edwards and Greg Blue will likely be secondary to a breaking story of a potential breakdown in the Vikings Anoka County stadium plans.

As the sVikings settled into dormancy for the past couple of weeks, it was expected that news would break in one form or another.

But two very different stories both took shape Monday night – one looking to the 2006 season and the other having more far-reaching circumstances.

The first Vikings news was that the team agreed to terms with two draft picks – fourth-rounder Ray Edwards and fifth-rounder Greg Blue.

Terms were not disclosed about the length or financial implications – we'll get those ASAP.

But the signings will likely be overshadowed by what is best termed a power play in Anoka County. In a new twist to the Vikings proposed stadium north of Blaine, the Army Corps of Engineers has spoken out. In what has all the makings of an interesting election season in Anoka County, stadium proponents have lined up to pledge their continued support for the $1 billion-plus land development the Wilf family is promising. At the same time, stadium opponents and local landowners have banded together to play the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) card.

VU will follow up on both of these stories, but, unfortunately for Edwards and Blue, their introduction to the National Football League will be a sidebar to the potential collapse of a stadium deal. Welcome Ray. Welcome Greg. For those who separate sports and politics, we're glad to have you on board.

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