Will Moss Get His Due?

The start of 2006 preseason will be one of new beginnings for the Vikings, but also the return of one of the team's all-time greatest stars, as Randy Moss makes his Metrodome return. The question some are pondering is whether the Vikings will give the fans a chance to show some love to the Artist Formerly Known as No. 84.

The relationship between Randy Moss and the Vikings organization was one that was marked with tremendous highs and horrible lows. His talent was unquestioned. His consistent work ethic was one that frustrated and at times even maddened coaches and teammates.

But one thing that never wavered was the love Vikings fans had for Moss. While the trade that sent him to the Raiders was something the Vikings front office believed made sense and was in the best interests of the team, if the fans had been given a say in the matter, it's very likely Moss would still be wearing purple.

When the Raiders come to the Metrodome Monday night, the Vikings have a chance to let the fans give Moss one more cheer as a way of giving thanks for the seven spectacular years he played for the Vikings.

In the pre-game introductions, the home team has the option of introducing its offense or its defense. Typically, if the home team selects its offense to be introduced, the opposing team introduces its defense and vice versa. The Vikings have the chance to let Moss get the final ovation from Vikings home fans that he deserves. While his coaches and teammates had a chance to say goodbye (those that chose to do so), the fans were left out of that mix.

That can be rectified Monday. If Moss is introduced to the fans Monday, don't be surprised to see him get a standing ovation. He may not be a Viking anymore, but for all the thrills he provided Vikings fans, it's the least they can do to say thanks for the memories.

* Bryant McKinnie is trying to experiment with different wraps for his broken finger. He isn't comfortable with the current wrap that was being used since the injury happened Wednesday and kidded with reporters that he might end up wearing a boxing glove for the game.
* McKinnie's workload was reduced the last couple of days and his reps were shared by Artis Hicks and Mike Rosenthal. Hicks made a couple of emergency starts for the Eagles at left tackle when Tra Thomas went down to injuries.
* The Raiders returned about 400 tickets allotted to the team that are currently back on sale at Ticketmaster.
* Jason Whittle returned to practice after a fluttering heartbeat gave the team a scare on Thursday. He said he's had the condition happen before but has been medically checked and given a clean bill of health.
* The Vikings remain between $9-10 million under the salary cap and, thanks to big bonus money in the first year of a couple of their key free agent deals this spring, should have more about $15 million or more under next year's cap.

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