Jansen Ignites Controversy with HGH Comments

Washington Redskins tackle Jon Jansen clarified his comments on the use of performance-enhancing drugs in the NFL, but he didn't completely back away from his original statement on HBO.

Offensive tackle Jon Jansen set off a media firestorm on Thursday following the airing of his claim on HBO on Wednesday night that "maybe 15 to 20 percent" of NFL players use performance-enhancing drugs, which are of course banned by the league.

Jansen, the senior Redskin as he heads into his eighth season in Washington, was already termed "a media darling" by center Casey Rabach for his ESPN draft-day work and his willingness to chat with the ink-stained wretches and the guys with the microphones. But Thursday's scrum around his locker was worthy of a playoff game.

"If you're going to do something illegal, if you're going to put your health at risk, you're also putting your reputation and your family at risk," Jansen said in the locker room. "I just don't understand why guys would want to do that."

"As professional athletes, it's something I feel we need to take a stand about," Jansen added. "You don't want to become a joke. You don't want people to say the athletes are juiced and the records don't matter now like they did then, or the games are fixed. If you can keep the integrity of the game, that's what we're all about."

Asked if 10 players per team were really using illegal substances, Jansen said, "I meant a small number of guys. We've had guys come and go in here the last eight years, a lot of guys come from other teams. I've never seen first-hand knowledge, but guys have talked about what goes on in other places."

Jansen added that while no one talked about human growth hormone four or five years ago, now because there's no accurate test for it, "it's the new thing, it's the new way to get by the system."


  • RB Clinton Portis didn't practice on Thursday and remains questionable for Minnesota with the partially dislocated left shoulder he suffered on Aug. 13 at Cincinnati. Portis strongly hinted that he doesn't expect to play. In that case, Ladell Betts will start.

  • CB Shawn Springs didn't practice on Thursday and remains officially doubtful for Minnesota in the wake of abdominal surgery on Aug. 15. Springs told The Washington Times that he won't play. Kenny Wright will start in place of Springs.

  • DE Renaldo Wynn returned on Thursday from the sprained right ankle he suffered on Aug. 26 at New England. Wynn will play on Monday barring any negative fallout from practicing on Thursday.

  • DT Cornelius Griffin took part in a second straight practice after missing two weeks with the sprained right knee he suffered on Aug. 19 against the New York Jets.

  • DE Phillip Daniels took part in a second straight practice after missing three weeks with the sprained back he suffered on Aug. 15.

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