Childress Mum on Injuries

As the fans rally around the early-season success of the Vikings, their interest in finding out as much as they can about the team is increasing. But, if coach Brad Childress has his way, there are some things the fans -- and the Vikings' opponents -- shouldn't have full knowledge of.

As the first year under Brad Childress continues to unfold, we learn more about him all the time.

We've already learned he's very regimented about how he runs practices. We know he doesn't accept behavior deemed to be detrimental to the team, regardless of the player. We have also figured out that he doesn't like to talk about injuries.

At his Wednesday press conference, Childress made it clear that he doesn't think the local media should report on injuries because he thinks that other teams can use the information to alter their preparation to apparently attack the weak links of the opposing offense or defense.

The team's Wednesday injury report submitted to the league contained three players – all listed as questionable. While it was clear following Sunday's game that Troy Williamson had suffered a shoulder injury that briefly sidelined him and that Marcus Robinson had a hamstring issue, the third player wasn't an injury that had previously been discussed. When asked about the extent of Artis Hicks' injury, listed as a shoulder in the team's injury report, and why he was questionable, Childress effectively said the classic cop line – keep on moving, there's nothing to see here.

"I'm just going to leave that alone," Childress said. "I'll let you find out this afternoon (when the list is officially released). I get tired reading about that kind of stuff in the newspaper, to be honest with you because I think it's a competitive disadvantage. There are a lot of people that don't write about it. When people know where people are injured, obviously they pick on them."

You can bet the media will continue to report injuries because, while none of us are wanting to help potentially lose the Vikings a game, it's our job to the best of our abilities to give the fans of the Vikings the most information possible – good, bad or injury-wise.

* Brad Johnson wasn't going to give the Bears any bulletin board material to work with this week. In fact, he sounded closer to a fan of the Bears defense than a foe at a press conference Wednesday.

"Chicago's a very dominant team the last three or four years," Johnson said. "The team is very fundamentally sound, I really don't think they care who they're playing against. They do what they do and they're good at it. They've gotten better at disguising things and really haven't changed much over time. They're very good from the front to the middle to the back end. They play a turnover game and try to get you on short fields and then that's when they create havoc. They put people in a lot of third-and-long situations. They're very good at that."

* You think Childress is alone in his dealings with the media as it concerns to injuries? Forget about it. He's not even close. Tony Dungy is currently the king of 2006 in working around the "competitive disadvantage" element of letting on with injuries. From Week 1, when he had 18 players listed as questionable, Dungy has made a mockery of the injury report. In Week 2, he had similar numbers – including one player listed as questionable and the explanation being "tooth." Well, he's at it again. This week, of the 53 players on the Colts roster, 21 are listed on the injury report – all as questionable – including backup quarterback Jim Sorgi, who is said to have an injury specified as his throwing shoulder. The only way Sorgi could be hurt is by holding doors open for starter Peyton Manning.

* Not to be outdone, Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio, who opposes the Colts this weekend, has taken the hint. The Jags list 13 players on their injury report – all not shockingly listed as questionable.

* The rumors about Brett Favre continue to circulate as the future Hall of Famer continues to be dogged with questions in the aftermath of his HBO interview in which he said he could envision playing for a better team. While the odds of that ever happening are extremely minimal, it would be interesting to find out what a team would be willing to give up to get a QB with a monster cap number and no timetable on his NFL future.
* Darrion Scott worked out at defensive end with the starting unit after Erasmus James was placed on injured reserve.
* If Hicks can't go Sunday, he will be replaced by Anthony Herrera or Jason Whittle, both of whom have the position flexibility to play right tackle.
* CBS Sportsline ran its weekly power rankings Wednesday and the Vikings have moved up from 18th to 11th – getting props for beating a "desperate" Panthers team. Still, they are the second-lowest rated 2-0 team – ahead of only the Saints at No. 18.

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