Former Teammates React to Owens

As former teammates with Terrell Owens in Philadelphia, Artis Hicks and Billy McMullen offered their thoughts on yesterday's reports on Owens being admitted to the hospital. Plus, see what newly signed QB Drew Henson had to say about his opportunity in purple.

The combination of news reports/rumors surrounding superstar receiver Terrell Owens' alleged suicide attempt – did he or did he not try to kill himself – caught some of his former teammates by surprise Wednesday.

Both Vikings receiver Billy McMullen and offensive lineman Artis Hicks played with Owens and the Philadelphia Eagles a couple of years ago, including the 2004 season when the Eagles lost to New England in the Super Bowl.

Both Hicks and McMullen conceded their former teammate is a headline grabber, but that attempted suicide seems out of character.

"He is a good guy. I like T.O. I had never had a problem with him," Hicks said. "Knowing him from the couple of years I was in the locker room with him, a lot of people don't understand the good side of him. He's a good person. He's a fun guy, a cheerful guy, and a lot of people don't know that side of him. They always talk about the controversy."

While Owens' tenure was rocky with coaches in Philadelphia, it apparently didn't hurt his standing among some teammates.

"As far as that receiving corps, the year we went to the Super Bowl, they were tight," Hicks said. "He was the guy that kept them loose. A lot of guys had fun playing with him. At that side of the locker room where he was, there was always something fun going on over there and they were always having a good time laughing and he kept everyone loose."

Owens held a press conference Wednesday afternoon denying that he had attempted suicide, saying the entire episode was a misunderstanding, which is why McMullen chose to let the news settle and the reports to clear before he passed judgment.

"I'll let things settle down and let his family do his thing," said McMullen, who played with Owens. "He's too proud of a guy to do that. He has too much going on, too much faith in him, too much God in him."


With rookie quarterback Tarvaris Jackson needing at least a month to recover from knee surgery, the Vikings signed former Dallas Cowboy Drew Henson Wednesday to the practice squad.

Henson, a former star for the Michigan Wolverines, chose baseball over football for professional pursuit by signing with the New York Yankees. When the three-year baseball adventure fizzled, he returned to football and signed an eight-year deal with the Cowboys that included a $3.5 million guarantee. But he started just one game in 2004. The Cowboys released Henson in August.

"You want to get back as soon as possible and get to work," Henson said. "I've been talking to teams and it worked our here. I've been working out every day and throwing as much as I can. The most important thing is staying in game shape, and that's what I tried to do."

Head coach Brad Childress, whose wife used to babysit Henson when he was on the Utah coaching staff and Drew's dad, Dan, was the Utes offensive coordinator, views Henson as a safe signing, even if it is temporary.

"He's got a great mind, he's a very smart, very intelligent guy," Childress said. "He's got a strong arm, he's big in stature."

Henson viewed Minnesota as an attractive option.

"You look at Coach Childress and his track record, with the offense at least," Henson said. "With the new staff it seems like the team has a new attitude and it's a place where things are going well and growing."

As the team's third quarterback behind Brad Johnson and Brooks Bollinger while Jackson recovers, Henson will run the scout team and "try to learn the offense as quick as possible."

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