Taylor Added to Injury Report

In an era where coaches sometimes play games with the weekly injury reports, the status of Chester Taylor has come under scrutiny.

Brad Childress doesn't like it when the media asks injury questions. He also doesn't like when players open their mouths about injuries to themselves or others.

So it shouldn't have come as any surprise that when Chester Taylor was limited in practice Thursday that questions followed. Taylor sat out most of practice, not an uncommon practice for go-to running backs. Seeing that Taylor leads the NFL in rushing attempts with 75, that's not too unusual.

What is unusual is how the response to the injury played out. Childress had in the injury report that Taylor was slowed by an ankle injury. When asked, Taylor said he was sick with the flu.

Clearly, the intention is for Taylor to play Sunday. How that scenario plays itself out will depend on how well the coaching staff and the players can keep their stories straight.

* Sunday's matchup will feature the league running back with the most carries (Taylor with 75) and the most yards rushing (Willis McGahee with 311).br> * Erasmus James has surgery scheduled on his knee Oct. 12 in Colorado. He has opted not to go with NFL "supersurgeon" James Andrews of Alabama.
* Ben Leber missed practiced Thursday and will likely be a game-time decision whether he plays or is deactivated. But, if he doesn't practice today, it's unlikely Childress will allow him to play, since everyone else has had to live by the "practice to play" standard.
* Thanks to McGahee rushing so well, the Bills pass offense rates 29th in the league.

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