Alexander MRI Shows Tear

The biggest concern about Derrick Alexander coming to the Vikings was the risk of injury. That fear has been confirmed by an MRI done Monday night.

The Vikings had some concerns over the health of Derrick Alexander, who has put together some monster seasons when healthy but has had some difficulty staying on the field during his career.

That trend has seemed to continue, as Alexander returned to Minneapolis Monday night for an MRI on his injured quadriceps. The results came in and he has a slight tear, which could sideline him for awhile as the Vikings decide whether there is a risk of further injury.

Alexander had a series of leg injuries that sidelined him last year, which eventually led to problems between Alexander and coach Dick Vermeil. While Alexander has told VU he expects to be back on the field and fighting for a starting spot, this setback doesn't help his cause as he searches for a new start in the NFL.

* One of the most popular fan events will be conducted tonight as the Vikings hold one of their passing scrimmages from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. It will be an opportunity for the Vikings defense to see what progress it has made, since the offense will likely show a Spurrier-like lack of mercy when trying to score. The scrimmage usually results in a full house and, in the last couple of years, scalpers have been outside the stadium selling tickets.
* DL Winfield Garnett is out indefinitely with a hamstring injury that may require surgery.
* As theorized yesterday, the Vikings wasted little time in signing CB Anthony Midget. As a result, the Vikings cut RB Carlos Daniels.
* Whether it's coincidence or not or a conspiracy like the inexplicable way TV cameras had shots of Lee Harvery Oswald in New Orleans handing out leaflets used to establish a communist cover story, Matt Birk took a few snaps at left tackle during drills on Tuesday. While he only did a handful of plays at LT, it just happened to be when TV cameras were around and taping. Good move, Tice.
* One player Tice has gone out of his way to praise is RB Doug Chapman. With Michael Bennett and Moe Williams brought in to take his job, Chapman has reacted well and increased his intensity this year.
* Tyrone Carter saw time at cornerback Tuesday, another indication that he is still down on the safety depth chart and needs to make a big impression in the next couple of weeks to keep his spot with the team.

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