Nobody Wants To Be "The Guy"

The Vikings take off for their bye week activities today with one simple request: Don't be the guy.

Professional wrestler Ric Flair had a phrase that he used over the years describing what it was like to be a champion -- "To be the man, you have to beat the man."

As the Vikings begin their bye week today following a weightroom session this morning, Brad Childress has an anti-Flair statement to his players -- "Don't be the guy."

Childress, who seemed to bristle at a couple of questions at his Monday press conference concerning the behavior of the Vikings players during recent bye weeks, said he hasn't given tacit instructions about conduct. He has simply told the players what he expects.

Last year during the Vikings bye week, the Lake Minnetonka boat scandal broke and left a black eye on the organization that, as much as anything, led to the firing of Mike Tice and the hiring of Childress to be the Vikings head coach. This time around, he's not forcing players to stay in town. He's not forcing them to show up to Winter Park. He's only requiring one thing.

Don't be the guy that embarrasses the team or his own family.

Don't expect to see anyone step forward to be the guy in that respect.

* Shaun Alexander has been ruled out of the Seahawks' game this Sunday with the Rams but is still being targeted to return against the Vikings when they return to action Oct. 22.
* The Vikings are looking to remain the best team coming out of bye weeks in the league. Since it began in 1990, two teams -- the Eagles and Broncos -- have records of 14-4 coming out of the bye. The Vikings are looking to keep pace with that. They're 13-4 and will play the Seahawks when they come back -- a tall order to say the least.

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