Offensive Installation Progressing

Under new coordinator Scott Linehan, the Vikings offense has generally looked sharp in training camp, but there is still work to do. From the Randy Ratio to keeping everyone involved, those are some of Linehan's goals.

Scott Linehan spent the offseason simplifying and tweaking — not overhauling — the Vikings offense. So far, the team's new offensive coordinator has been pleased with the results.

"It has been good," he said of the progress made at training camp. "We are right on the track. I think we have been putting things in at a very comfortable pace, as far as installing our offense. The biggest thing I didn't want to do was go at too fast of a pace where there wasn't a lot of carryover of the things we are doing.

"(Receivers coach) Charlie Baggett made the comment, he said, ‘We have been repeating plays over and over again,' and that's a good sign. The goal of this offense is to get good at a base set of runs and a base set of passes. … I think at this point we have established that."

One of the key reasons Linehan was hired by Tice was because of the many ideas he had to get the ball in the hands of Randy Moss. Tice has made frequent references to the "Randy Ratio," which calls for 40 percent of the Vikings passes this season to be directed toward Moss.

While there will be plenty of focus on how often Moss sees the football this season, Linehan is not worried about that.

"I've told people several times that the ‘Randy Ratio' will take care of itself," Linehan said. "The biggest thing is, we have to make sure that what Daunte (Culpepper) and the quarterbacks don't do is get too caught up in where Randy is, because if Randy is covered, we are going with [another] receiver. We are not going to force the football to Randy Moss if Randy Moss on that particular play is covered.

"He's going to get more opportunities. You take a Cris Carter out of the mix, a future Hall of Famer, a guy like Randy is going to take up a lot of that load. But in the meantime so is D'Wayne Bates and Derrick Alexander and Byron Chamberlain and Michael Bennett. Those people all are going to have probably a lot more of a role in the passing game just because of that."

Linehan also is confident there will be a good balance between the passing and running game.

"I think we have a good package. We are well rounded," he said. "The biggest key for us is to make sure everybody stays involved in the offense and we don't get caught up too much in who is touching the ball as long as we are moving the football and putting points on the board. Obviously, Randy Moss is going to be seeing a lot more balls come his way. But in the same breath I think we have to expand the roles of some of the other offensive players, and I think that's the direction we are headed."

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