Sunday News and Notes

Byron Chamberlain renewed acquaintances with Robert Griffith Saturday night.

In the brief time that the Vikings and Browns starters spent on the field together Saturday night, former teammates Byron Chamberlain and Robert Griffith had a chance to meet up for the first time since both became free agents at the end of last season and Chamberlain returned to the Vikes and Griffith left for Cleveland.

Chamberlain said that the meeting was pleasant, until they actually got into game action.

"Griff was complaining that I was pushing off," Chamberlain told VU. "He was getting in the ref's ear quite a bit."
When asked if that wasn't true that Chamberlain would be illegally pushing off on the Browns safety, Chamberlain flashed a big smile and said, "I didn't say I wasn't."

* Chamberlain and Daunte Culpepper both told VU that they thought the first-team offense looked sharp Saturday and that the team was tied with the Browns when the first team left the field. Chamberlain added that, while the Vikings have been known as a big-play, quick strike offense, fans may have to get used to a more methodical offense that strings time-consuming drives together. As Chamberlain theorized, with the weapons the Vikings have, someone will have to be open.
* Mike Tice said the Randy Ratio wasn't at 40 percent, but was at a little less than 30 percent. Apparently two incompletions by Culpepper -- one caught on the Vikings sideline by former punter Greg Coleman and one caught on the Cleveland sideline by a member of the coaching staff -- counted as passes thrown at Moss.
* The Vikings came out of the game with some minor injuries. TE Hunter Goodwin bruised his shoulder and didn't come back to the game. DT Darius Holland pulled a quadriceps, but came back to play.
* The injury news was much more severe for the Browns. On the Vikings' 14-play drive in the first quarter, LB Jamir Miller, who Foge Fazio has said is the cornerstone of his defense, tore his right Achilles tendon and is expected to be out for the season.

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