Taylor Key To Victory

The Vikings have a forumula for success on offense, despite not being able to post 20 points in a game on offense yet this season. It's a formula Sunday's opponent has used to get to the Super Bowl, but one the Vikings have the surprising turnaround on this week.

Much of the success of the Seahawks over the last couple of years has been predicated on running back Shaun Alexander. His ability to carry the ball 25-plus times a game and keep the clock moving has been an invaluable tool in wearing down an opposing defense. The result last year was evident, as Alexander set the all-time single-season record for rushing touchdowns.

But, as the Vikings prepare to attempt to upset the Seahawks, Alexander is on the sidelines with a broken bone in his foot and the running back that is currently getting the attention of the opposing defense is the Vikings' Chester Taylor.

The fact of the matter as it pertains to the Taylor is that he has been as critical to the success of the Vikings as any player on the field. Consider the following: in the three Vikings wins this year, Taylor has averaged 27 carries for 108 yards; in their two losses, he has averaged 15 carries for 49 yards.

Brad Childress is aware of these numbers and knows that, if the Vikings are to come away with another important road upset -- they're currently 6.5 point underdogs -- they are going to need Taylor. The Seahawks have lived it with Alexander and it got them to a Super Bowl. The Vikings of 2006 would be satisfied just to get win over the Seahawks today.

* Seattle has scored just three rushing touchdowns this season after setting a record last year -- two by Alexander and one by fullback Mack Strong. Replacement starter Maurice Morris has averaged just 3.1 yards per rush on 56 carries and hasn't scored a TD.
* For all their prowess as a rushing team, the Seahawks have averaged just 5 yards a game more rushing this year than the Vikings.
* Seattle has won 12 straight regular season games as home. The last home loss during the regular season came back in December of 2004 to the Cowboys.
* Despite being pretty significant underdogs, many NFL prognosticators are picking the Vikings to win today.
* Seattle is 6-3 all-time against the Vikings.
* Seattle has allowed 239 yards a game passing -- the fifth highest total in the league.

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