Audio: The Brads

Brad Johnson and Brad Childress talked about the challenges facing the Vikings as they prepare to play the New England Patriots on Monday night.

In part one of our audio, Vikings coach Brad Childress talks about Matt Birk getting the Ed Block Courage Award, the problems the New England Patriots pose, how the Patriots have been able to mix up their defense, the split duties of Laurence Maroney and Corey Dillon, and Childress' confidence in his thinning receiving corps.

In part two of our audio, Childress talks about playing on Monday night, how Birk has progressed, how his team has progressed, the New England franchise and Maroney's play so far this season.

Vikings quarterback Brad Johnson talks about the different looks New England presents and how quarterbacks try to read them, if this is a good time to play the Patriots, working with a changing set of receivers and Birk's award and performance on the field so far.

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