Playoffs? Playoffs?

The Vikings loss to the 49ers was a low point for the season, but Brad Childress refused to push the panic button Monday, reminding players and fans that, as of now, the Vikings are still a playoff team.

Brad Childress isn't letting the Vikings' disappointing loss to the 49ers get to him. At his Monday press conference, he reminded reporters that, despite being 4-4 and coming off consecutive losses, if the playoffs were to start at this point, the Vikings would be in the NFC playoffs.

"Just talk about this football team, 4-4 at the halfway, which is average as average can be," Childress said. "At times good, at times bad, but what I just told our football team, at 4-4 right now if they were picking playoff teams we'd be the sixth playoff team. We would be a Wild Card team based on every tiebreaker there is. (We) understand there are eight more to play, but just in case somebody is putting that in a box and writing the Vikings off, we have everything to play for."

While it may little consolation for fans that were expecting the Vikings to be 8-3 when they meet the Bears for their rematch, there is something positive that can be taken from where the Vikings sit at the present time.

* Both Antoine Winfield and Travis Taylor spoke up about the lack of offensive production Monday, but neither did the "throw under the bus" chatter that has haunted other struggling teams.

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