Change Coming Up Front?

The Vikings offense has been woeful for much of the season and changes are expected. But, while Brad Johnson isn't on Brad Childress' hot seat, Marcus Johnson may be another story.

The Vikings' 4-5 start to the season likely wouldn't be so bad if they hadn't started 4-2. With plenty of teams with equal or better records in the NFC, having started 4-2 and seeing that record squandered doesn't sit well with a lot of Vikings fans.

To that end, a change may be coming. Not with Brad Johnson, but with Marcus Johnson. VU has been told that the Vikings are looking at re-installing former starting right tackle Mike Rosenthal into Johnson's starting spot. While it likely won't cure the Vikings' offensive sputtering, it might be a push in the right direction.

Asked if planned on sticking with his five starting offensive linemen Monday, head coach Brad Childress said, "I'm still mulling that over. I look at that every week and see where we are at and see if somebody gives us a better chance than somebody else. By and large you like for those guys to play together, but I'm not married to any of it. By the same token, I don't want to knee-jerk either."

It won't become apparent until later in the week if the Vikings follow through with their plan to go through with the switch, but, if Johnson isn't taking the first-team snaps Wednesday, it will be all but official, whether the team announces a switch or not.

* Tony Richardson came into Sunday's game with a broken thumb. He left it with a broken forearm. He will have tests done on his arm today and will likely miss at least one week, if not more.
* Special teamer Jason Glenn had confirmation of a torn ACL Monday and is gone for the year. No timetable on putting him on injured reserve has been made.

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