Smoot Out Again?

After losing Fred Smoot to last week's game, he has been added to this week's injury report as a question mark.

Heading into last week's game with the Packers, the Vikings knew they would likely be without Fred Smoot. Having returned to Mississippi for the funeral of his brother, Smoot had his mind on other things and the team felt it was best to let the grieving process take care of itself.

But now two days away from their game with the Dolphins, the Vikings once again are wondering what Smoot's status will be for Sunday's game. Smoot was added to the injury report Thursday and listed as questionable with a groin injury. While Brad Childress doesn't talk to the media on Thursdays, it is believed if a player is added to the injury report on Thursday or Friday and listed as questionable, it meant he didn't practice that day.

If Smoot can't go, Cedric Griffin will replace him again this week, as he did against the Packers.

* From the "Get Over It" Department comes this: Daunte Culpepper piped up Thursday that the Vikings have been fueling misinformation about him and badmouthing him. If that's that case, they've kept it pretty quiet and in tight circles because, truth be told, most fans have moved on and left the Culpepper Era in the rearview mirror. It would seem the Vikings have better things to worry about than former players and Pepp may be blowing this out of proportion.
* Erasmus James had surgery on his left ACL Thursday and word is that it was a success.
* The Vikings have approved doing a feasability study for a downtown retractable roof stadium -- a further sign that the proposed stadium in Anoka County is in trouble.
* Jeff Dugan and Richard Owens are thought to be the two most likely replacements for injured fullback Tony Richardson.

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