Win One For the Limper

This was the last image Vikings fans remember of Daunte Culpepper, as he was carted off the field with severe knee damage. It's been more than a year and the swelling is gone, but the feelings still hurt.

The ill-will between Daunte Culpepper and the Vikings hasn't settled down months after his ouster from Minnesota via a trade to Miami. While he may be thinking that more is being said about him up in the Midwest -- to be honest, his name hasn't come up that much at all -- in Miami, he continues to chirp about bad feelings which he attributes to Brad Childress and the organization.

This week Culpepper has commented about the hard feelings he has for the organization and how much he was looking forward to getting back at them personally today. But, his injury will prevent him from starting and playing at all vs. the Vikings.

Enter Chris Chambers, stage left. The star wide receiver of the Dolphins has decided to step up and take Culpepper's defense, saying to the South Florida press that the team is going to try to win one for Daunte.

"I told him on our end we'll take care of him, have a little fun and win the game," Chambers said. "Hopefully we can do something special for him before the game -- put his number on the sleeve or something for motivation -- and make him feel a little better about the situation."

With the no-tolerance policy and fashion police the NFL employs, the odds of letting teams put a black armband on for a player who is not only alive but on the roster won't happen. But, if the Dolphins needed motivation, the Vikings have provided it -- like it or not.

* Marcus Robinson is expected to play, but, like fellow injured Viking Fred Smoot, his role will not be defined until game time.
* Jeff Dugan, who hasn't played all season, will start at fullback today.
* Miami's Jason Taylor has eight sacks this season to be among the league leaders. Kenechi Udeze, who wanted to be among the league's best this year, has none.
* Jermaine Wiggins didn't catch a pass last week, just the second time in 41 games as a Viking that he hasn't had a reception.
* Randy Moss is at it again. On his local radio show just hours before boarding a plane for the Raiders game with the Chiefs, Moss made it clear he wants out of Oakland regardless of what it takes.

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