Childress Addresses State of Team

Vikings coach Brad Childress talked Tuesday on a number of topics surrounding the team with Sirius NFL Radio hosts Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan.

Vikings coach Brad Childress touched on a wide range of topics Tuesday in an interview with Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan from Sirius NFL Radio.

  • Regarding Darren Sharper's comments about the defense needing to score points to make up for the offensive deficiencies, Childress said that Sharper "has a gift of gab" and has a future in radio.

  • On making a decision on a quarterback change: "I'm not there yet. I'm chewing on it."

  • Regarding the possibility of starting rookie Tarvaris Jackson and having started Donovan McNabb in the second half of his rookie season in Philadelphia: "There is some experience there with putting people's feet to the fire."

  • On his decision to deactivate WR Troy Williamson: "We just decided to put eight defensive linemen up" and needed to deactivate a receiver to do that.

  • On playing some more starters to shore up the special teams, Childress said they may need to use people "that tackle for a living."

  • Childress also joked about the balding pattern in his family, saying they were signing an $8 million contract with Rogaine. "They're going to grow it in my pocket," Childress said.

    The hosts and Childress also talked about running back Chester Taylor's injury, the rest of the season and the how the defense has performed this season.

    Audio courtesy of Sirius NFL Radio:

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