Running Back Controversy?

Is there is such a thing as a running back controversy? Not according to coach Brad Childress or Chester Taylor. Taylor has proclaimed himself fit for Sunday's game with the Jets. Childress has said let's wait and see.

We've seen the quarterback controversy around the league, but is there such a thing as a running back controversy?

Coming off a 125-yard, three-touchdown performance Sunday, Artose Pinner could make a case that he deserves more of a shot in the backfield. But Monday, both coach Brad Childress and Pinner seemed to be on the same page in saying that, if he's healthy, Taylor would resume his job as the team's primary running back.

"If Chester's in there and can give a full accounting of himself, I don't think you consciously take those (carries) off of him," Childress said. "It's nice to be able to have confidence in a guy that you know will go in there and take a great look at it just as well. It's good to get that on tape so that people aren't playing it one way or the other when somebody enters the game."

Taylor has pronounced himself ready to go this week vs. the Jets, but Childress said he has to wait until he sees him practice Wednesday to confirm Taylor's self-diagnosis.

* Sometimes it may be better to be lucky than good. Childress challenged a play on the grounds that he didn't believe Mike Furrey made a reception on a pass from Jon Kitna. After looking at the play, officials determined that Childress was wrong in challenging that play – ruling that Furrey did in fact make the catch. The problem? After he made the reception, he fumbled, giving the ball to the Vikings and killing what could have been a scoring drive for the Lions.
* The news on the injury to Detroit running back Kevin Jones is sounding like a worst-case scenario. Jones, who was injured during the Vikings goal-line stand in the fourth quarter of Sunday's win, is feared to have a Lisfranc injury – a mid-foot injury to the bones of the foot. The injury could end up causing him to not only miss the rest of this season but part (if not all) of next season.
* Charges are in the process of being filed against Vikings assistant coach Joe Woods, who was arrested on suspicion of DWI Friday night. Childress declined to comment on the situation Monday at his press conference, saying any discussions and possible discipline were "between Joe and I."
* With their win last night, the Bears have clinched a first-round bye and are one win away from locking up home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

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