Audio: Childress Presser, Sirius Interview

Vikings coach Brad Childress talks about the issues surrounding his team in his Wednesday press conference and in another interview with Sirius NFL Radio.

Vikings coach Brad Childress talked about his players coming off of injury, expanded on a challenge he won against Detroit, Brooks Bollinger's status, the Jets defense, and what Jeff Dugan has brought to the team at fullback.

In part two of his press conference, Childress talks about young coaches connecting with players, how he views Ryan Cook and Brooks Bollinger's future, the opening drives of games, and the possibility of extending other players like they did for Dugan.

In an interview with Sirius NFL Radio hosts Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan, Childress talked about the impact Artose Pinner had on Sunday.

"It's the old one man's trash is another man's treasure," Childress said of getting production out of a running back that had been released by Detroit before the season began. "If you see a need and he's there, you go find it."

Childress also talked about how teams have abandoned the running game, saying, "You're always saying you want to force a team to be one-dimensional."

He also commented about Brad Johnson's performance on Sunday, characterizing it as a "decent job," and the hosts got into an interesting discussion with Childress about the readiness of rookies entering the league and if they are more prepared these days with the college game becoming closer to the professional game lately.

Finally, Ryan, Kirwan and Childress addressed the game with the New York Jets and the NFC playoff picture.

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