Childress Reconsidering Play-Calling Duties?

A day after his offense failed to score a single point, Vikings coach Brad Childress seemed open to considering changes in play-calling duties and other offseason evaluations.

Vikings coach Brad Childress said he wasn't sure he'd consider it a drastic move to have offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell call plays in an effort to put some spark in an offense that has lacked explosiveness or effectiveness for much of the season.

However, Childress also said the execution hasn't been up to snuff either.

The offense has lacked punch much of the season, struggling at different times with third-down conversions, penalties, dropped passes and red zone efficiency. Some of the problem has been players making mistakes. Part of the problem could also be the schemes, but Childress expressed confidence in his offense.

"That's our offense, that's my offense, and I take it personally when it doesn't go as it is supposed to go," Childress said.

"I know it's a kick-ass offense when it is executed properly and it's been done with all different levels of people and personnel, but I'm not shaken. It's a system. It's a multiple system that you can run it just as easily as you can throw it, and we need to become better at it. That's my job."

He seemed to indicate that players might not be completely comfortable with the offense yet, at least not to the point that they can simply let their abilities show without second thoughts getting in the way of athletic ability.

"Things are happening at lightning speed out there and that's why you attempt to practice fast," Childress said. "Obviously you learn things about people as they perform, as the light comes on, what kind of guys do you in fact have?"

When asked about making a change with the play-calling, Childress said he'd evaluate everything at the end of the season. And then indicated that being a head coach and an offensive coordinator might be too much for one person to do at times.

"It's different from the standpoint that you're looking at everything, whether it's at the end of a kicking play telling them whether you want a penalty or not, whether it's walking down to the defensive huddle, which you do on occasion," he said. "There are some things you can't see when you have your head down on the card, whether it's the look in people's eyes as they come and go off the football field. It's a little bit of multi-tasking there and it is different obviously than sitting in the press box as the offensive coordinator."


  • Childress said he is not optimistic that cornerback Cedric Griffin will be recovered from his neck stinger on time to play on Dec. 31 against the St. Louis Rams.

  • Tight end Jeff Dugan reported to Winter Park on Friday with a sprained foot.

  • Guard Steve Hutchinson and tight end Jim Kleinsasser both suffered hyperextended elbows.

  • Punter Chris Kluwe strained his hamstring before the game but had one of his better performances of the season.

  • Wide receiver Troy Williamson also had a hamstring strain.

  • Players were at morning meetings on Friday, then left for three days off, scheduled to return to practice on Tuesday.

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