'Pepper Gets Salty

Former Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper was incensed at what he termed inaccurate comments made by Steve Young about him during the Jets-Dolphins game.

Daunte Culpepper confronted Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young Monday night during the telecast of the Jets-Dolphins game in which Young questioned both Culpepper's attitude and commitment.

As part of his analysis, Young said that if Culpepper was to return to the form he had prior to his knee injury, he would have to improve his work ethic. As part of his case, he cited that Culpepper missed team meetings.

Culpepper, who was watching the game from a suite, left the suite to confront Young. According to reports, he found Young and the two spoke for several minutes. Observers say the confrontation was civil, but Culpepper made his point.

After the incident, Young apologized for not checking with Culpepper first before reporting as fact that he had missed any team meetings.

* Culpepper, who is recovering from a second knee surgery, is said to be rehabbing on schedule and "doing fine" with his knee. Apparently that means his rehab facility is no longer in a strip mall between a Chinese restaurant and the laundromat.
* The rumor mill has begun about what the Vikings will do with their malaise at wide receiver and one of the first names to pop up is a familiar one -- Randy Moss. The Raiders are rumored to be willing to trade Moss, but unless it is straight up for Troy Williamson, it would be hard to imagine Brad Childress wanting to take on a player with a history of brooding.
* The NFL decided last night to move the Bears-Packers game to their flex schedule game next Sunday night. While there were clearly better matchups available, word is that both FOX and CBS balked at giving up games with huge playoff implications for the final weekend.
* The Packers still have a playoff chance even if the Giants win Saturday. The Giants have almost every tie-breaker edge going into action next weekend, but, under a convoluted system of strength of schedule tie-breaks between the Giants and Packers, if enough teams -- including the Vikings -- from the Packers schedule this year win on Sunday and enough of the Giants previous opponents lose, the Packers could actually vault past New York and slide into the playoffs. Who would have thought?

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