Recent NFL Coaching Changes

With all the coaching movement in the past week, you might be wondering which coaches are on the open market that the Vikings might consider pursuing. Here is a listing of the recent coaching activity.

ARIZONA - Jan. 19: Fired: Assistant head coach/LB coach Frank Bush. Jan. 23: Named: Russ Grimm (Steelers '06), assistant head coach/OL coach. Fired: OL coach Steve Loney; WR coach Mike Wilson. Jan. 25: Named: Todd Haley (Cowboys '06), offensive coordinator. Retained: Defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast.

ATLANTA - Jan. 22: Named: Jerry Rosburg (Browns '06), special teams coordinator; Dave Puloka (Virginia '06), assistant strength and conditioning coach. Retained: Assistant strength and conditioning coach Billy "White Shoes" Johnson.

CAROLINA - Jan. 23: Named: Jeff Davidson (Browns '06), offensive coordinator; TE coach Dave Magazu, OL coach.

CLEVELAND - Jan. 23: Named: Alfredo Roberts (Jaguars '06), TE coach. Resigned: Special teams coach Jerry Rosburg (Falcons); offensive coordinator Jeff Davidson (Panthers).

DALLAS - Jan. 22: Resigned: Head coach Bill Parcells. Jan. 25: Named: Jason Garrett (Dolphins '06), offensive coordinator. Resigned: passing game coordinator/WR coach Todd Haley (Cardinals).

HOUSTON - Jan. 22: Named: Jethro Franklin (Buccaneers '06), DL coach; Larry Kirksey (Middle Tennessee '06; Broncos '04), WR coach. Fired: DL coach Bob Karmelowicz. Jan. 24: Named: Frank Bush (Cardinals '06), senior defensive assistant.

JACKSONVILLE - Jan. 23: Resigned: TE coach Alfred Roberts (Browns). Jan. 25: Named: Mike Shula (Alabama '06, Dolphins '02), QB coach.

MIAMI - Jan. 5: Fired: Coordinator of football operations Scott O'Brien. Jan. 19: Named: Special assistant to the head coach Dom Capers, defensive coordinator. Jan. 22: Retained: OL coach Hudson Houck. Fired: Assistant head coach/WR coach Charlie Baggett; strength and conditioning coach Bert Hill. Jan. 24: Named: Terry Robiskie (Browns '06), WR coach; Brett Maxie (Falcons '06), S coach; DB coach Mel Phillips, CB coach; special teams coach Keith Armstrong, special teams coordinator. Jan. 25: Resigned: QB coach Jason Garrett (Cowboys).

MINNESOTA - Jan. 22: Resigned: Defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin (Steelers).

N.Y. GIANTS - Jan. 22: Named: Steve Spagnuolo (Eagles '06), defensive coordinator.

N.Y. JETS - Jan. 22: Fired: Assistant special teams/RB coach Sam Gash.

OAKLAND - Jan. 23: Named: Lane Kiffin (Southern Cal '06), head coach.

PHILADELPHIA - Jan. 22: Resigned: LB coach Steve Spagnuolo (Giants). Jan. 23: Named: Special teams coach John Harbaugh, DB coach; DB/S coach Sean McDermott, LB coach.

PITTSBURGH - Jan. 22: Named: Mike Tomlin (Vikings '06), head coach; WR coach Bruce Arians, offensive coordinator. Resigned: Assistant head coach/OL coach Russ Grimm. Jan. 24: Named: Ken Anderson (Jaguars '06), QB coach. Resigned: DB coach Darren Perry. Fired: QB coach Mark Whipple. Jan. 26: Named: Bob Ligashesky (Rams '06), special teams coach.

ST. LOUIS - Jan. 25: Fired: Special teams coach Bob Ligashesky.

SAN DIEGO - Jan. 25: Named: RB coach Clarence Shelmon, offensive coordinator.

SEATTLE - Jan. 21: Named: Jim Mora (Falcons '06), assistant head coach/DB coach.

TENNESSEE - Jan. 24: Resigned: DB coach Everett Withers (U. of Minnesota).

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