Curb Your Enthusiasm

Randy Moss, seen smiling here, apparently isn't happy with the new coaching regime in Oakland. No stranger to making headlines, Moss is back in the news again for allegedly cursing out his new head coach when he contacted Moss for a meeting after getting hired.

The scuttlebutt at the Senior Bowl is typically about a player who has made a big impression, someone who might have shown up out of shape or what teams might be willing to deal up or down from their current draft position.

But any time Randy Moss makes the rumor rounds, you can bet that most likely it isn't good news.

Moss was the talk of the weekend when word got out about his alleged first "meeting" with new coach Lane Kiffin … and it wasn't good.

According to reports both from Mobile and from Oakland, Kiffin tried to contact Moss shortly after being hired as head coach. After initially having a difficult time tracking him down, once Kiffin did locate Moss, he was told by the former Viking that he had no intention of meeting with him to talk and, according to some accounts, punctuated his feelings with profanities.

Moss, who has a radio show in which he has said some awful things about the Raiders organization and expressed his wish to be traded, seemingly had an opportunity to start fresh with the new coach, but if his way of bringing out the welcome mat is to drop F-bombs at his new coach, it could make the contentious relationship between Jerry Porter and Art Shell pale in comparison to Moss and Kiffin.

If this scenario sounds vaguely familiar to Vikings fans, maybe it's because it sounds similar to the kind of relationship that Brad Childress had with Daunte Culepper. While no swearing was involved in media accounts, Culpepper showed no interest in meeting his new coach when he was hired and, within a couple of months, he was traded. Don't be shocked to see this move on Moss' part being the first step out the door with the Raiders, because the feeling around the Bay Area is that, while immensely talented, if Moss doesn't feel like playing (remember that line?) the team might be better off trying to move him now and get value for him rather than let him become a malcontent.

* Former Vikings linebacker Greg Manusky, currently the linebackers coach for the Chargers, has been given permission to interview with the 49ers for their vacant defensive coordinator position.

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